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While researching the adverse health effects of toxicants for his biographical project on Dr. Root’s expertise in human detoxification, Dan became increasingly alarmed at the extent of the toxic threat to mankind. He recognized that unhandled fat-stored toxins and poor nutrition are the leading factors in most health issues, including cancers, yet western medicine still cannot offer solutions to reduce our bioaccumulated toxins.

His passion for detoxification was greatly increased after he and Suzy blindly accepted her physician’s prescription for RAI thyroid therapy in 2012. The Root’s realized, after the fact, that their social allopathic conditioning led to the worst decision of her life, so they began to research natural, holistic modalities to help “Stop The Thyroid Madness”.

In 2014 the idea formed in Dan’s mind to develop his father’s sauna detoxification protocol, which has been effectively administered as a treatment modality for occupational chemical exposure injuries for decades, into a wellness program. By replacing convection saunas, which externally heat the body, with the deep-penetrating wavelengths of Full Spectrum Infrared saunas, as well as exploiting the lipolysis rebound effect of nicotinic acid (niacin, vitamin B3), the wellness protocol would reduce the time commitment and costs of the original protocol dramatically.

By 2015 the new protocol was successfully tested, and the subjective results warranted further investment into developing the business model. However, early in 2015 the test sauna proved incapable of sustained operation, so Dan went back into research mode to identify the most reliable and reputable sauna on the market. The brand of choice was Clearlight Saunas, who manufacture saunas exclusively for Jacuzzi.

After several false starts and disappointing negotiations to set up the new wellness business, a perfect location conveniently opened next door to their Rancho Cordova medical clinic. On December 6th, 2017, the Roots celebrated the Grand Opening of Detoxination Wellness Centers.

Here is a link to Dr George Yu’s webpage where he discusses his background with Dan’s father.



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Dan Root goes through in great detail the entire sauna, niacin detox protocol that has been refined over the years with great success at getting these chemicals and poisons out of the body through the skin, kidneys, liver and thus the feces.

Some of the emails asked and answered:

Can the niacin detox be used on alcoholics?

A lawyer friend of mine ruined his eyesight taking mega doses of niacin. Do people continue saunas without niacin during their rest periods of 30 to 45 days?
I got up to 3500 mg niacin, had very little flushing. After being off of the protocol for over a year, I took 25 mg and had a severe flush. love the show!!! I just did the old protocol once for a month.

Would shilajit be good to take for the minerals?

Do you know if the niacin protocol could help with Lipedema? This disease causes an abnormal overgrowth of fat storage cells (adipocytes) that are normally found in a layer of the skin.


Great detox information and protocols from a man who is in the trenches with this important aspect of healing, November 21, 2019 ONE

Great detox information and protocols from a man who is in the trenches with this important aspect of healing, November 21, 2019 TWO

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  1. November 22, 2019 @ 4:52 pm Terry Adams

    The Scientologist – regardless of what you may think of them – having been doing this exact procedure for years – sweating out the toxins via a sauna and then showering them off – I know because I did this at one of their facilities some decade or so ago. When I returned home and told my physician he laughed at me.. Go figure-


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