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By Atom Bergstrom

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According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“Carbon dioxide controls death and eternal functioning.”

“Carbon dioxide is all over you. It is excess gas but the Necessary Principle within you.”

“Carbon dioxide can freeze you or preserve you.”

“Carbon dioxide is construction-destruction, which is Shiva. Shiva is renovation.”

“The spleen controls death — the disposing function of the body. The liver is a mortician. The spleen is a crematory.”

“The regulatory control of the retention and dissipation of carbon dioxide is for the physical immortality of the cells.”

“If you breathe and you master breathless, you’re hanging around for quite a long time.”

“Karma is carbon dioxide. Karma is an OK word for an agricultural environment.”

“The carbon dioxide in a baby’s first dump is a print-out of the life’s karma.”

“Yawning chelates carbon dioxide. Oxygen dilates and carbon dioxide constricts.”

“Grace is intracellular effervescence of the carbon dioxide.”

“Accelerate the consciousness with respiration. A person in delta breathes through their bones.”

“Human beings are a stiff-necked race. The yawn, the groan, the yell, and the sigh release carbon dioxide that should have gone out at the time of the trauma.”

“Lithium is the basis of holy water. It is found in deep springs. It keeps the lungs from breaking down due to carbon dioxide retention.”

“Lithium is needed for the brain and is an antitoxin additive. It’s obtained by deep breathing at 3:00 a.m.”

“Pull the tongue back to generate lithium.”

“Communicating by extrasensory perception is breathing each other’s carbon dioxide.”

“Carbon dioxide is the teleprinter, oxygen is cellular cleaning.”

“Enlightenment is breathless, not breath-free.”

“Carbon dioxide sedates and oxygen stimulates. To sedate the whole body using carbon dioxide only, go up the right side with Life Flow for five or six minutes. To stimulate the whole body using oxygen only, work down the left side with Life Flow for five or six minutes. For homeostasis, work both halves of the body with Life Flow. To sedate the whole body with magnetic flow, do the left side down. To stimulate the whole body with magnetic flow, do the left side up.”

“You see, breath-free is not an accomplishment to God because he’s already living in a breath-free state himself. So he needs to make a what? A manifestation. The moment he’s going to make a manifestation, he’s got to give it breath to live, so he doesn’t enjoy breath-free organisms. He’ll enjoy breathing organisms, and he’ll enjoy breathless organisms more.”

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  1. June 1, 2019 @ 5:12 pm Atom

    Lola (not her real name) walked into Scandia Health Foods, and asked what I thought about high-protein diet products.

    “Not much,” I said.

    Lola protested, pointing to a can of protein powder she had just removed from the shelf.

    “Why? I’ve lost weight on this one before.”

    “How many times?” I asked.

    “Quite a few times,” she admitted. “I get your point.”

    “What good is a diet that you have to stay on all the time?” I asked. “Sounds like a merry-go-round to me. It’s called yo-yo dieting, and it’s definitely not good for your health. I study with a guy who taught me that ‘Abstinence cures nothing.'”

    Lola stayed for a consultation on circadian eating and growth zones.

    I told her she could double her calories and still lose weight.

    Ten days elapsed, and Lola didn’t return to the store.

    I stopped at a gas station on the way out of town at twilight of that tenth day, and there was Lola.

    “Wow,” she crowed, “I was just thinking about coming to see you, and here you are.”

    “That’s the way it often works. And I see you’ve definitely lost some weight,” I mentioned.

    “Ten pounds,” she confirmed.

    “And it looks like you’ve been hanging out at the beach. That’s a great tan,” I continued.

    “No,” Missy replied. “My complexion just CHANGED. My boyfriend came back from his vacation, and was amazed. He asked, ‘Who ARE you? I don’t even know who you are! You’re a whole different person.”

    I wish all weight constriction/dilation stories were as successful as this. Many of them aren’t.

    Are calories the only cause of weight gain and loss. Obviously not.–e-books.php


    • June 3, 2019 @ 7:31 am Matt

      Hey atom, Steve shivers mentioned to Patrick that Adana died on the toilet like Elvis ect, although he made it sound like it was less than the perfumed rose departure than we have heard of before? Love and light, matt


      • June 3, 2019 @ 8:04 pm Atom

        Matt, I answered your question in detail on today’s show (June 3, 2019).

        Adano dumped everything out of his intestines on the toilet, and his entire body was suffused with roses 72 hours later (exactly as he had predicted on a cassette tape recording).

        The Odor of Sanctity localized thereafter, the odor emanating from his forehead.

        His brown eyes turned blue, as he also predicted.


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