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By Atom Bergstrom

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I rarely detox. I TRANSMUTE.

I do it in time and on time and as many times as possible.


Mind Power is stronger than any drug or supplement in the world (and Zen Power is stronger than both).

Detoxification is Mainstream Allopathic Medicine, regarding people as soiled and “dirty.”

For all the pretentious babbling about DNA, Western Medicine, when not masking people’s pain with anodynes, analgesics, anesthetics, sedatives, hypnotics, narcotics, are still heavily involved with detoxification …

(in alphabetical order) antihelmintics, aperients, carminatives, cathartics, caustics, diaphoretics, disinfectants, diuretics, emetics, emmenagogues, expectorants, parasiticides, purgatives, pustulants, rubefacients, sialogogues, sternutatories, suderifics, vesicants, etc.


Allopathic Medicine denies Vital Force and Alchemy, empowering Structural Formulas and Chemistry.

It’s light-years away from Homeopathic Medicine.

Vital Force governs the difference between a live or dead man.

A dead man has all the chemicals of life (and all the DNA and RNA), but no Vital Force (Qi) or Spirit (Breath of Life).

Allopathic Medicine is Scientific Exorcism — banishing evil (via psychiatry) and feces (via pathology) for centuries.


Dr. Evil and Mini-Me symbolize the incestuous relationship between the pharmaceutical and supplement industries, providing millions of consumers the choice between Medical Nemesis Heavy-Duty and Medical Nemesis Lite.


Wait! Don’t homeopaths use detoxification?

Cyberspace is gridlocked with pseudo-homeopathic marketing like …

Detox Your Body with Homeopathy

Homeopathic Whole Body Detox & Cleanse

Homeopathic Medicine For Tissue Cleansing and Detoxification

Detox Your Liver with Homeopathy

Homeopathy, Environmental Toxins and Detoxification

Miracles of Homeopathic Detox

Homeopathic Detox of Childhood Vaccinations

Deacidification and Detoxification with Homeopathy

Anti-Aging Homeopathic Detox

And the beat goes on with thousands (not hundreds) of internet links.


Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) is spinning in his grave.

He founded Homeopathic Medicine, so maybe we might read what he wrote before our next detox event.


Dr. Hahnemann (Organon of Medicine: Sixth Edition, 1810, 1819, 1824, 1829, 1833, 1842, 1921) wrote …

“A favourite idea of the ordinary school of medicine, until recent (would that I could not say the most recent!) times, was that of morbific matters (and acridities) in diseases, excessively subtile though they might be thought to be, which must be expelled from the blood-vessels and lymphatics, through the exhalents, skin, urinary apparatus or salivary glands, through the tracheal and bronchial glands in the form of expectoration, from the stomach and bowels by vomiting and purging, in order that the body might be freed from the material cause that produced the disease, and a radical causal treatment be thus carried out.

“By cutting holes in the diseased body, which were converted into chronic ulcers kept up for years by the introduction of foreign substances (issues, setons), they sought to draw off the materia peccans [offending matter] from the (always only dramatically) diseased body, just as one lets a dirty fluid run out of a barrel through the tap-hole. By means also of perpetual fly-blisters and the application of mezereum [a vesicant], they thought to draw away the bad humours and to cleanse the diseased body from all morbific matters — but they only weakened it, so as generally to render it incurable, by all these senseless unnatural processes.

“I admit that it was more convenient for the weakness of humanity to assume that, in the diseases they were called on to cure, there existed some morbific material of which the mind might form a conception (more particularly as the patients readily lent themselves to such a notion), because in that case the practitioner had nothing further to care about than to procure a good supply of remedies for purifying the blood and humours, exciting diuresis and diaphoresis, promoting expectoration, and scouring out the stomach and bowels. Hence, in all the works of Materia Medica, from Dioscorides down to the latest books on this subject, there is almost nothing said about the special peculiar action of individual medicines; but, besides on account of their supposed utility in various nosological names of diseases, it is merely stated whether they are diuretic, diaphoretic, expectorant or emmenagogue, and more particularly whether they produce evacuation of the stomach and bowels upwards or downwards; because all the aspirations and efforts of the practitioner have ever been chiefly directed to cause the expulsion of a material morbific matter, and of sundry (fictitious) acridities, which it was imagined were the cause of diseases.

“These were, however, all idle dreams, unfounded assumptions and hypotheses, cunningly devised for the convenience of therapeutics, as it was expected the easiest way of performing a cure would be to remove the material morbific matter (si modo essent!).

According to the same source …

“The most careful and prompt washing of the genitals does not protect the system from infection with the venereal chancrous disease. The slightest breath of air emanating from the body of a person affected with smallpox will suffice to produce this horrible disease in a healthy child.”

According to the same source (and relevant to BODY DOWSING and COGNITIVE SHOCK) …

“How often has it happened that an irritating word has brought on a dangerous bilious fever; a superstitious prediction of death has caused the fatal catastrophe at the very time announced; the abrupt communication of sad or excessively sad news has occasioned sudden death? In these cases where is the morbific principle that entered in substance into the body, there to produce and keep up the disease, and without the material expulsion and ejection of which a radical cure were impossible?

“The champions of this clumsy doctrine of morbific matters ought to be ashamed that they have so inconsiderately overlooked and failed to appreciate the spiritual nature of life, and the spiritual dynamic power of the exiting causes of diseases, and that they have thereby degraded themselves into mere scavenger-doctors, who, in their efforts to expel from the diseased body morbific matters that never existed, in place of curing, destroy life.”


Before we can fully step into the Aquarian Cycle of the Kali Yuga, we must learn the lessons of the Great Teachers of the Piscean Cycle of the Kali Yuga, such as the Nazarene.

He said, “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which comes out of the mouth, this defileth a man.”


Bee stings have been curing cancer for centuries.

Modern Western physicians are long on evidence and short on common sense.

That’s why they practice Evidence Based Medicine, and not Common Sense Based Medicine.

That’s why they thought the bee venom was killing the cancer.

They thought bee stings on the neck were killing cancer way down on the butt.

Or that bee stings on the butt were killing cancer way up on the neck.

So, in the best tradition of Rube Goldberg domino-like contraptions, they manufactured a swarm of injectable nanobees.

And they manufactured synthetic bee venom as the payload.

The nanoscale swarm is expected to kill the cancer cells without the rest of the body being inconvenienced.

Actual bee stings from actual bees stimulate the immunity — the Vital Force.

The injected formic acid doesn’t kill the cancer. The formic acid triggers the Vital Force, and it annihilates the cancer.

The body is definitely inconvenienced, and it strikes back with its own arsenal of GPS-guided smart-bombs and laser-guided rockets.

Never underestimate Vital Force.

“We sell our cells short,” according to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty).


Wait another decade and you’ll be able to pick up a swarm of pre-owned nanobees on eBay.


Elizabeth Landau (“Ultra-tiny ‘bees’ target tumors: They’re ready to sting, and they know where they’re going,” CNN, Aug. 18, 2009) wrote …

“Nanobees […] are engineered to travel directly to tumor cells without harming any others. They leave the healthy cells alone because the blood vessels around a tumor are like a ‘postal address’ for the nanobees, [Dr. Samuel] Wickline [director of the Siteman Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri] said.”

According to the same source …

“This principle of targeting harmful cells and leaving healthy cells intact is under development in many labs. It means efficient delivery of large concentrations of drugs, but with fewer side effects, experts say. One hundred trillion nanobees can be delivered in a single dose, and are not difficult to make, Wickline said. Also, scientists do not use real insects, so they’re ‘not decreasing the bee population,’ he said.”


Western allopathic physicians are so smart they outsmart themselves.

The problem isn’t Obamacare. Or Trumpcare.

The problem is Cuckoocare.

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  1. August 4, 2017 @ 2:16 am Atom

    Novice Body Dowsing (Cornerstone Technique) can be learned by e-book and a free instructional video on solartiming.com.

    The Body Doesn’t Lie, yet no one knows how to get Direct Access.

    Assembling a bicycle by reading the instructions is harder than learning Body Dowsing by e-book instructions.

    Assembling an electric fan is about equal.



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