Five Principles Of Reality


By Atom Bergstrom

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A Tibetan stupa represents the Five Purified Elements (starting at its base) …

Earth / Water / Fire / Air / Space

Earth / Water / Fire / Air / Ether

Earth / Water / Fire / Air / Akasha

Earth / Water / Fire / Wood / Metal (NOT Metal / Wood)

Prithivi / Apas / Tejas / Vayu / Akasha

Terrestrial Plane / Fluidic Plane / Fiery Plane / Airy Plane / Tenuous Plane

Odoriferous Phase / Gustiferous Phase / Luminiferous Phase / Tangiferous Phase / Sonoriferous Phase

Square / Circle / Triangle / Semicircle / Dot

Cube / Sphere / Cone / Crescent Moon / Diamond Sun

Crystalline / Liquid / Thermal / Gaseous / Sonic

Matter / Geometry / Color / Light / Sound

Precipitate Matter / Hydraulics / Metabolism / Pneumatics / Sonics

Physical Substance / Electronics / Magnetics / Pressure / the Word

Smell / Taste / Sight / Touch / Hearing

Sweet / Salty / Pungent / Sour / Bitter

Pinky Finger / Ring Finger / Middle Finger / Index Finger / Thumb

Little Toe / Fourth Toe / Middle Toe / Second Toe / Big Toe

Coccyx / Sacrum / Lumbar Vertebrae / Thoracic Vertebrae / Cervical Vertebrae

First Chakra / Second Chakra / Third Chakra / Fourth Chakra / Fifth Chakra

Muladhara / Svadhisthana / Manipura / Anahata / Vishuddha

Matter acting on Matter / Energy acting on Matter / Consciousness acting on Matter / Energy acting on Energy / Consciousness acting on Energy (the level of the Fifth Level Master)

Puppet / Clown / Joker / Loser / Dealer


According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“If you’re the Puppet, cut the strings.

“If you’re the Clown, do simple things.

“If you’re the Joker, learn how to make a joke so the joke is always back on you.

“If you’re the Loser, learn how to do anything and not be victimized by losing.

“If you’re the Dealer, pull back enough so they feel you’re no threat to them.

“Then go to the mirror and stick your tongue out at it to break fixations.”


The Builder’s Square is a model of the human hand with a 90-degree separation between the thumb and index finger.

This represents the Rings-Pass-Not, the division between Noumena and Phenomena.


Walter Sorell (The Story of the Human Hand, 1967) wrote …

“The opposite position to the ‘thumb-closed-in-by-the-fist’ gesture is the thumb that stretches far out from the palm. Forming an exact right angle with the index finger, it signifies full consciousness of one’s ego. If the immobility of the thumb is characteristic of the anthropoid’s and the imbecile’s thumb, then the thumb’s right angle position in the human hand symbolizes the highest achievements of evolution.”

According to the same source …

“Civilized man also realizes that, as his greatest achievement and highest distinction, the thumb is the very image of his being. If he keeps the thumb sheltered by the other four fingers, it denotes a retrogression to babyhood. He imitates the baby’s position. With it, he shows a desire for protection and a dependence on other people. It is a favorite gesture of the escapist, the resigned person who has ‘given up’ and wants to return to the safety of the womb. There is more to this gesture than mere shyness, cautiousness and anxiety, though all of that is in it, too. Should there be other indications in the hand pointing toward a melancholy, depressed disposition, this thumb position would weigh heavily in the analysis. The nail joint of the hidden thumb may sometimes peep through the index and middle finger when the hand makes a fist. As a habitual gesture, it adds to the qualities of the hidden thumb position a high degree of anxiety and suggests a suspicious nature.”


According to Swami Nitty-Gritty …

“If you punch a wall with the thumb like this [under the fingers], you’ll break your hand.

“If you put your thumb over your fingers, it’s the martial arts fist. Now you’ll break the wall, not your hand.”

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  1. November 17, 2017 @ 4:01 pm Atom

    A better title for today’s blog entry would be “Four Principles of Reality and One of Actuality,” but the title is too long.


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