Re: How do dentists get all those great results with fluoride?


By Atom Bergstrom

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Because fluoride really works.

It has side effects. All medicines do.

All food has side effects too; lesser side effects, and the liver usually deals with them.


Mercury cures several diseases.

It has side effects.

Doctors found ways to cure those several diseases with medicines having less side effects.

It took centuries for doctors to come up with these alternative cures.

Mercury was used as a medicine for at least 3,000 years.

(A disease can’t be “cured.” It never existed in the first place. I’m using “cured” for didactic purposes.)


William Cullen (Professor Cullen’s Treatise of the Materia Medica: With Large Additions, Including Many New Articles, Wholly Omitted in the Original Work, Vol. 2, 1812) wrote …

“Whether corrosive sublimate be always the most proper remedy may be doubtful; but we maintain, that in many instances it cures the disease by a smaller quantity of mercury that can be done by any other preparation, though the latter introduces the mercury in much higher proportion. This to me renders it very probable, and almost certain, that mercury does not cure the disease by being an antidote to the poison, but in some other way, whether we can explain this or not.

“The most specious argument in favour of mercury’s being an antidote, is its being applied to parts of the body in which the venereal poison is accumulated more largely, and its proving readily a cure of the local disease. This appears especially in the case of chancres, which are readily cured by the immediate application of mercury to them: but this does not afford a conclusion; for mercury in like manner cures many ulcerations in which no venereal poison is suspected. And if any body should imagine that mercury cures those ulcerations by its being an antidote to the poison they contain, such an imagination must be corrected, when it is considered that balsams, and more certainly copper, will answer the purpose of curing those ulcerations as well as mercury. The cure of chancres therefore, by the application of mercury, does not necessarily infer its power as an antidote; nor do I know any other arguments that can be adduced in favour of such an opinion.

“It was however observed above, that the chief reason for supposing that mercury cured by being an antidote was, that no other good explanation was given how it otherwise cured the disease. But it is incumbent on us to obviate a conclusion we do not admit of; and therefore, that we should attempt a difficult problem, which is, to explain here in what manner mercury does cure the venereal disease. We are well persuaded that it does it by increasing the excretions, by which the poison is thrown out of the body. In support of this opinion we observe, that we have not known any instance of the disease being cured without an excretion taking place. It seems commonly to be especially by the mouth; but we always observe, that this excretion is attended with some degree of inflammation of the mouth; and commonly it is so much as to affect the whole system, so as to induce in it a phlogistic diathesis. This mark of mercury’s stimulating the whole system, with what was said above of its affecting the whole excretories, will sufficiently show, that in its ordinary operation, by its promoting all the excretions, it may thereby evacuate every poison that shall happen to be present in the mass of blood, and may therefore entirely cure the venereal disease. We have said that its chief and most evident operation seems to be in the mouth; but I hold this to be necessary only to show, that mercury, in an active state, has been introduced into the body: and it does not necessarily imply that the venereal poison passes out of the body more readily by the excretories of the saliva than by any other course; for when a salivation is excited, there is at the same time marks of the other excretions being excited: and practitioners now know very well, that by a longer continuance of the other excretions, the disease may be cured without salivation; and if there are instances of salivations being more effectual than any other measure, it may imply no more than that, in certain cases, a larger quantity of evacuation is necessary than in certain others.”


What’s the takeaway?

Mercury isn’t the only way to cure venereal disease, and fluoride isn’t the only way to cure tooth decay.


By the way, why do many people with mercury poisoning live long and healthy lives?

What’s their secret, and do they even know what it is?

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  1. March 3, 2018 @ 9:03 pm Atom

    According to an article published in Chemical & Engineering News (published by chemists for chemists and rarely viewed by the public), the frequency of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) is directly proportionate to the exposure to fluoride.

    In a classic case of Medical Amnesia, it’s been known since before World War II that teeth and gums can develop perfectly without a single atom of fluorine..

    Colorado Brown Tooth, the fluoride-overloading disease, causes teeth to fall out.

    Tea-drinking — because of the high amount of fluoride and aluminum in the tea plant — has actually been blamed for the downfall of the British Empire, just as lead was blamed for the downfall of the Roman Empire.


  2. March 3, 2018 @ 9:04 pm Atom

    Sheldon Krimsky (The Fluoride Deception, by Christopher Bryson, Seven Stories Press, 2004, 374 pages, $24.95: Book Review, Chemical & Engineering News, Aug. 16, 2004) wrote …

    “‘The Fluoride Deception’ will leave any open-minded readers feeling uneasy about the acceptable levels of fluoride in drinking water, as well as the cumulative sources from dental hygiene products. But the deeper lessons of this story, going back to classified military research during World War II, are the book’s insights into the threats to open inquiry in public health and environmental science. Premature closure of debate in science undercuts one of its unique features — a feature that distinguishes it from other forms of fixing belief — namely, science’s self-correcting function. Without a scientific culture that supports reexamination of ‘no risk’ results, however strongly held, we may find our public health and environmental policies resting on weak or faulty foundations, which can prolong our blindness to preventable illnesses.”


  3. March 3, 2018 @ 9:05 pm Atom

    Re: How much fluoride to you get from meat?

    Some “experts” tell us to drink half a gallon of water a day (the 8X8 Rule).

    A cow drinks 3 to 30 gallons a day, depending on age, temperature, lactation, etc.

    Cows that drink fluoridated water are subject to fluorosis (fluorine toxicosis).

    The same goes for cows given mineral supplements (phosphatic limestone or rock phosphate).


    Companies have no misgivings about selling fluoride to human livestock.

    But agricultural companies protect their animal livestock against fluorine toxicosis at least until said livestock is old enough to be slaughtered.


  4. March 3, 2018 @ 9:33 pm Atom

    According to Wikipedia (last edited on Jan.31, 2018) …

    “Of all commercialized pharmaceutical drugs, twenty percent contain fluorine, including important drugs in many different pharmaceutical classes. Fluorine is often added to drug molecules as even a single atom can greatly change the chemical properties of the molecule in desirable ways.”

    What about undesirable ways?


  5. March 3, 2018 @ 9:46 pm John

    Hi Atom,
    can you please say more –
    “By the way, why do many people with mercury poisoning live long and healthy lives?
    What’s their secret, and do they even know what it is?”


    • March 4, 2018 @ 6:13 am Atom

      The key organs of elimination are thyroid, liver, and kidneys.

      True detox is building these detox organs.

      To borrow an analogy, most detoxing is done by “throwing the arrow.”

      Smart detoxing is by “shooting the arrow” by pulling back on a bow.

      The thyroid, liver, and kidneys are “bows.”


      • March 4, 2018 @ 12:36 pm catalin voinea



      • March 4, 2018 @ 8:09 pm John

        How to build these 3 organs ? Through the use of foods (timing) ?
        How does the thyroid detox exactly ?


        • March 4, 2018 @ 10:04 pm Atom

          Yes, food and timing build them. (Details in Butterflies Need No Taxidermist.)

          The thyroid detoxes estrogen. That’s why women’s thyroids are usually larger than men’s.

          That’s why Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is seven or eight times more common in women.

          You can live without a pituitary, but not without a thyroid (without medication).

          The pituitary is not The Master Gland. It’s the thyroid.

          If the pituitary is Nicholas II of Russia, the thyroid is Rasputin.


  6. March 4, 2018 @ 5:02 am John

    Hi Atom,
    what is the best time at night to drink the liver flush drink (olive oil/grapefruit juice) ?


    • March 4, 2018 @ 6:15 am Atom

      Midnight or shortly after is ideal.

      The lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic cleanse has less side effects than the grapefruit version.


      • March 4, 2018 @ 10:36 am John

        What are the side effects of the grapefruit version ?


      • March 4, 2018 @ 8:12 pm j

        Re: the liver cleanse (one clove of garlic, one tablespoon of olive oil, and the fresh juice of half a lemon) – do you just smush up the garlic clove and mix them all together ?


        • March 4, 2018 @ 10:07 pm Atom

          That’s one of several ways to do it.

          I prefer to chew the garlic, add the olive oil for further chewing, then swish it around with the lemon juice, and swallow them all together.

          Always keep some white rice in the house in case of emergencies.

          Most of the time a person won’t even know when they’re cleansing, but when they do, they REALLY DO.


          • March 4, 2018 @ 10:16 pm John

            what is the white rice needed for ?

  7. March 5, 2018 @ 8:57 am Atom

    White rice stops uncontrollable diarrhea.

    One of my friends almost died from a Liver Flush, and eating nothing but white rice saved him.

    His father had died from liver cancer.


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