Green Soapy Stones



By Atom Bergstrom

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Folks think they can vacuum out their gall bladder with a purge.

They think those bile-stained “soap stones” cascading into the toilet are gallstones or even “liver stones.”

Health is a lifestyle, not an engine flush.


The chemical composition of these fake gallstones has been known and written about since about the time of the American Civil War.

Even mainstream morons like Dr. Benjamin Rush probably knew that gallstones NEVER float.


Re: What are they, Atom?

Mostly margaric acid.

It’s either similar or exactly the same as heptadecanoic acid.

The beaker boys don’t seem to have their story straight.

Could it be that Mother Nature is smarter than industrial technology?

It’s a thought.


Re: I don’t know how people can do those liver flushes. I thought I was going to die after drinking that cup of olive oil.

I’ve done four of them — one of them for 15 days.

This was decades ago, back when I was most vulnerable to the Holistic Health Aristocracy.


Re: I wonder because when folks have done the liver gallbladder cleanse on the retreats I run and they have thrown up the oil they have taken they have had most amazing results? Gunk and solid sediment has passed. I’ve known these light green soft formations to be other than the olive oil because of this outcome.

What were they? What were the lab results?


Re: I’m sorry but Atom isn’t right about everything, so I just take what I think is eye-opening and trial it and leave the rest. I can sure say my digestion improved ten-fold after liver and gallbladder cleanse.

What? I’m not right about everything?

Well, golly, such flushes really CAN help digestion (although it’s mostly the Placebo Effect).

The only point I’m harping about is, “Don’t let those P.T. Barnum types out there in cyberspace deceive you about what those soapy stones are.”


Re: OK, so why did I release a truck load of ‘margaric acid stones’ when I did the flush? Is it a good thing that I released them? Is margaric acid bad for us?

You manufactured them out of olive oil.

You can do it again & again & again & again a million-billion times.

We gotta be doing something till the Messiah comes, right?

It can be tough on the body though, some folks more than others.

One friend vomited blood.

Another became violently ill.

A third scolded me. “You told me it might be bad, but you didn’t tell me it might be THAT BAD!”


Swallow red dye with the flush, and you’ll get stones dyed from the inside out.

Ain’t chemistry fun? And colorful?


Pioneers manufactured their soap outside the body, but our Holistic Wellness Aristocracy is more creative.


By the way, eating olive oil or butter with every meal will definitely PREVENT the formation of most gallstones.

I’m on board with Johns Hopkins with that.

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  1. January 3, 2020 @ 1:52 pm Atom

    Before using Epsom salt, pay heed to this 1961 warning by Dr. Emanuel Revici …

    “The administration of 1% sodium chloride as drinking water is known to protect the adrenalectomized animal and, if administered for a sufficient length of time, to prevent death. The administration of magnesium sulfate by repeated injections of .5 cc. of a 10% solution per 100 grams of body weight or even orally as .5–1% in drinking water has an antagonistic effect to that of sodium chloride. a 75% mortality rate in older animals receiving magnesium sulfate as compared to a 20% rate in the untreated was seen. Similarly, in young animals receiving magnesium sulfate in addition to salty drinking water,the mortality rate in some experiments was over 80%.”–e-books.php#Not-Cancer-CANCEL–mini-e-books.php#magnesium


  2. January 3, 2020 @ 1:58 pm Atom

    clinical iatrogenesis — (coined by Ivan Illich) illness or injury done to patients by ineffective, toxic, and unsafe treatments.

    social iatrogenesis — (coined by Ivan Illich) the “medicalization of life,” medicalizing as many of life’s problems as possible, and subjecting them to medical intervention; Inventing new non-diseases is part of this process. In the realm of mental diseases, the DSM-5 is an appalling example, being a manual filled with hundreds of fictional disorders. According to Ivan Illich, “What need is there to worry about a murderous environment when doctors are industrially equipped to act as life-savers!”

    cultural iatrogenesis — (coined by Ivan Illich) the destruction of individualistic and traditional ways of dealing with pain, illness, and death. Only a medical professional can issue a Birth or Death Certificate. Birth and death without medical presence is becoming culturally unacceptable if not outright illegal. Cradle to coffin health management places the autonomy of death in the hands of a physician in a “high-cost death chamber.”


  3. January 3, 2020 @ 2:03 pm Atom

    Pearce Wright (“Ivan Illich,” The Lancet, Jan. 11, 2003) wrote …

    “Clinical iatrogenesis was the injury done to patients by ineffective, toxic, and unsafe treatments that he listed in extensive footnotes. He described the need for evidence-based medicine 20 years before the term was coined. Social iatrogenesis resulted from the medicalisation of life. More and more problems were seen as amenable to medical intervention, with pharmaceutical companies developing expensive treatments for what he described as non-diseases. His most biting words were cultural iatrogenesis, the destruction of traditional ways of dealing with, and making sense of, death, pain, and sickness.”


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