Is Nickel a Growth Factor?

By Atom Bergstrom

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According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“Traces of chromium, mercury, nickel, zinc, niobium, and tantalum are found in kidney beans.”


NICKEL is a Midday-Evening Transition element, and TURQUOISE is its single color spectral predominance.


Nickel is an essential growth factor, enhances mitochondrial respiration and pancreatic amylase production, and is contained in several enzymes, including urease, acetyl coenzyme A synthase, carbon monoxide dehydrogenase, methyl coenzyme M reductase, nickel-iron hydrogenase, nickel superoxide dismutase, etc.

Atherosclerosis decreases the amount of nickel and silicon in the aorta. A nickel deficiency can delay puberty and compromise zinc absorption. Pregnancy and lactation increase the body’s need for biological nickel. Nutritional nickel is found in coffee, cocoa, tea, rice, beans, or oats.


NICKEL — (chemical symbol Ni), atomic element number 28 of the Periodic Table, one of the “56 trace elements” of Solar Nutrition Three.

Nickel has 4 energy levels: 2 electrons in the first and inside level, 8 electrons in the second level, 16 electrons in the third level, and 2 electrons in the fourth and outside level.

Emanuel Revici, M.D., classified nickel as an anabolic element hierarchically associated with the cellular level of the body (monocellular cytoplasmic formations).


NICKEL was named after “Old Nick” by German miners who thought the Devil played a trick on them when they mistook “worthless” nickel slag for copper ore.

This nickel slag resembles cobalt too, so aggravated cobalt miners referred to it as “cobalt which has lost its soul.”

Also known as nickelum, satanium, Old Nick, Old Nick’s copper, or devil’s copper, this fourth period transition metal is used in many alloys, including nickel steel, nickel-chromium steel, Monel metal, German silver, nichrome (used in toasters and electric ovens), and nickel bronze.

Nickel is harder than iron, but not as hard as cobalt.


Nickel is abundant in meteorites.

Scientists believe that a meteorite strike is responsible for the world’s largest nickel deposit (17 miles wide and 37 miles long) in Sudbury Basin in Ontario, Canada.


About 80 percent of all nickel used in the United States is turned into alloys.

Nickel-containing superalloys are used in jet and rocket engines.

Steel is often electroplated with a nickel compound to protect it from corrosion (which is why people with a nickel allergy often react to stainless steel earrings).


Nickel oxide is used in rechargeable nickel-cadmium (nicad) batteries.

Nickel is also used to make nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Iron, cobalt, and nickel are ferromagnetic chemical triplets (osmium, iridium, and platinum are also chemical triplets).

The most powerful permanent magnets are iron-cobalt-nickel alloys. Radioactive nickel-63 is used in surge protectors.


Nickel sulfate is used in hair dyes and eye pencils.

Although larger doses are lethal and smaller doses can cause a nickel allergy that resembles poison ivy, nickel sulfate is used in some vitamin supplements.

Nickel is used as a catalyst to hydrogenate oils.

Bipyridyl chains form a triple helix around nickel ions.

Nickel has an affinity for albumin, RNA, DNA, thiamine, vitamin B-6, and certain enzymes, proteins, and peptides.


According to Wikipedia (last edited Jun. 26, 2021) …

“Dietary nickel may affect human health through infections by nickel-dependent bacteria, but it is also possible that nickel is an essential nutrient for bacteria residing in the large intestine, in effect functioning as a prebiotic. The US Institute of Medicine has not confirmed that nickel is an essential nutrient for humans, so neither a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) nor an Adequate Intake have been established. The Tolerable Upper Intake Level of dietary nickel is 1000 µg/day as soluble nickel salts. Dietary intake is estimated at 70 to 100 µg/day, with less than 10% absorbed. What is absorbed is excreted in urine. Relatively large amounts of nickel — comparable to the estimated average ingestion above — leach into food cooked in stainless steel. For example, the amount of nickel leached after 10 cooking cycles into one serving of tomato sauce averages 88 µg.”


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  2. July 14, 2021 @ 3:15 pm Atom

    Qi can’t be created, only accessed. If we tried to store our breath instead of access it, we’d be dead within minutes (or days for Masters with better access codes). Qi is represented by the steam rising over a pot of cooking rice. We don’t eat food; we process it, so it can be used for better access to Qi. As Gurdjieff pointed out, we also “eat” what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.


  3. July 14, 2021 @ 3:19 pm Atom

    According to Steven J. Peitzman …
    “Andrew Jackson, rugged battlefield warrior and seventh president of the United States, who died massively dropsical, said of himself in his last days: ‘I am a blubber of water.'”–e-books.php#Yawn


  4. July 14, 2021 @ 3:21 pm Atom

    According to Marilyn Ferguson (The Aquarian Conspiracy, 1980) …
    “Our crises show us the ways in which our institutions have betrayed nature. We have equated the good life with material consumption, we have dehumanized work and made it needlessly competitive, we are uneasy about our capacities for learning and teaching. Wildly expensive medical care has made little advance against chronic and catastrophic illness while becoming steadily more impersonal, more intrusive. Our government is complex and unresponsive, our social support system is breaking at every stress point.”


  5. July 14, 2021 @ 3:22 pm Atom

    Pot was illegal when human workers were needed, but now that robots are taking over, pot is legal to keep ex-workers slow and stupid.
    Pot is the perfect smartphone accessory.


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