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By Atom Bergstrom

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My girlfriend had a knee problem.

“Which knee is it?” I asked.

“The left one,” she replied.

I quickly sensed it had something to do with … ME.


“What color do you think of when you think of your knee?” I continued.

“Yellow,” she said.

ME again! Knees as well as the color yellow often have to do with indecision.


“What male do you have to make a decision about?” I asked.

“YOU!” she said. “I have to decide whether I want to be in a relationship with you or not!”


I was dancing to The Prism-er of Love (“Sonic Colonic”) at Swami Nitty-Gritty’s Karma Klinic a few hours later when the phone rang.

“It’s for you.” Adano Ley handed me the phone.

“I’ve decided I DO want to be in a relationship with you,” my girlfriend said.

We talked for a while, then I hung up and resumed dancing, but …

My right knee totally gave out and I fell to the floor.

“Yikes!” I thought. “Now I have to decide if I really want to be in a relationship with her!”


Have you ever had a case of “kid knees?”

The left kidney and the left ear reflex with the left knee, all indicating male trauma.

The right kidney and the right ear reflex with the right knee, all indicating female trauma.

The jaw hinge (TMJ) is a knee reflex and vice versa.


Re: Whoa. I just had an MRI on my right knee because it is troublesome, my right ear has been clogged for a month, and yesterday I had TMJ symptoms in my right jaw. Frowning. What on earth kind of female trauma am I facing?

The knee, elbow and corner of the jaw are reflexes to one another.

A possible interpretation: being “weak-kneed” about something “chewed over” for too long a time.

Atom’s Body Dowsing can pinpoint the specific WHO responsible for the WHEN and the WHAT and the WHY.


Margaret A. Kennard, M.D. (“Autonomic Interrelationships with the Somatic Nervous System,” Psychosomatic Medicine, Jan.-Feb. 1947) wrote …

“… it is a clinical fact that the excited or agitated patient usually has more active knee jerks. Jacobson has demonstrated this in numerous ways in normal subjects. He has found that the knee jerks of a given individual are less active on first awakening in the morning than after the subject has been up and about. Moreover, knee jerks are increased when the individual is confronted with a difficult problem.”


According to Carl Jung …

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

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  1. October 9, 2018 @ 4:11 pm Atom

    Hip Engram-Complexes often have to to with sex differences between men and women (relations-hips) and reproductive ability, the latter commonly connected to a fear of aging.

    Hips sometimes relate to “hipness” (mobility) and “squareness” (immobility).


    Left Hip = Male

    Right Hip = Female



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