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By Atom Bergstrom

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The Periodic Table of the Elements is a Reflexology Chart.


The First & Second Periods (Seventh & Sixth Floors) correspond to the systemic level of the body and the total organism in its entirety, including blood and urine values.


The Third Period (Fifth Floor) corresponds to the pluricellular level of the body, including the tissular and interstitial formations and pericellular fluids (fluids other than blood and urine).


The Fourth Period (Fourth Floor) corresponds to the monocellular level of the body, namely, the cytoplasm.

Fungi live here.

The Fourth Floor includes blood cells, with iron as the center of human blood cells (hemoglobin), copper as the center of mollusc and crustacean blood cells (cuproglobin), and vanadium as the center of sea squirt blood cells.

The exact center of the Periodic Table is IRON-56.


The Fifth Period (Third Floor) corresponds to the nucleus and the other organelles of the cell and the nuclear sap.

Bacteria live here.


The Sixth Period (Second Floor) corresponds to the subnuclear and submorphologic level of the body, including genes, chromomeres, chromonemata. chromosomes, etc.

Viruses live here.


The Seventh Period (First Floor) corresponds to the primary level of the body, including radioplasm and submolecular chemistry. (Free radicals live here.)


All diseases have a mailbox.

Myeloblastic cancer corresponds to the Seventh Floor.

Lymphomatic cancer corresponds to the Sixth Floor.

Sarcomatic cancer corresponds to the Fifth Floor.

Carcinomatic cytoplasmic cancer corresponds to the Fourth Floor.


What’s called “cancer” by Medical Nemesis, but can’t be cancer, corresponds to the Second Floor.

More than 99% of corporate cancer research involves the Second Floor, a level having little to do with the disease called cancer, but THE PATENT OFFICES ARE LOCATED ON THIS FLOOR.


Chemo or radiation therapy often destroy the entire seven-story building,


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  1. December 27, 2020 @ 10:14 am oldy

    Discover the flow and interaction between transient metals and you will find that all rocks except lava and granite are biological 100 percent. You will see how PH and temperature controls how the enzymes allow for the petrifying process. Then you will see how enzymatic action allows for healthy cell walls. It’s all in the rocks(mudfossils) and also proves there is a God. Mudfossil University promotes science that even you will appreciate and can contribute to.


    • January 1, 2021 @ 4:05 pm Atom

      Thumbs Down on Mudfossil.

      It’s New Age bunkum.


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