Medical Police State

By Atom Bergstrom

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We’ve been living in a Medical Police State since the 1970s.


Re: That’s all? I would think it’s been longer, so basically my entire life. And yet the masses of fear-driven slaves have no idea.

Medical Nemesis didn’t METASTASIZE till the 1970s, but the American Medical Association and their minions have always been ELITIST and DESPOTIC.

Morris Fishbein (1889-1976) was their long-time stooge.

In 1934, Dr. Fishbein wrote in The New England Journal (edited by him) …

“Germany is perhaps the most progressive nation in restricting fecundity in the unfit.”


In the 1950s, doctors still made house calls. They usually carried at least one “little black bag.”


Doctors might be a nuisance, but they’re not the problem.

Their CORPORATE BOSSES and our GOVERNMENT are the problems.


Ivan Illich (Medical Nemesis, 1973, 1974) wrote …

“A radical monopoly goes deeper than that of any one corporation or any one government. It can take many forms. When cities are built around vehicles, they devalue human feet; when schools pre-empt learning, they devalue the autodidact; when hospitals draft all those who are in critical condition, they impose on society a new form of dying. Ordinary monopolies corner the market; radical monopolies disable people from doing or making things on their own. The commercial monopoly restricts the flow of commodities; the more insidious social monopoly paralyzes the output of nonmarketable use-values. Radical monopolies impinge still further on freedom and independence. They impose a society-wide substitution of commodities for use-values by reshaping the milieu and by ‘appropriating’ those of its general characteristics which have enabled people so far to cope on their own. Intensive education turns autodidacts into unemployables, intensive agriculture destroys the subsistence farmer, and the deployment of police undermines the community’s self-control. The malignant spread of medicine has comparable results: it turns mutual care and self-medication into misdemeanors or felonies.”


Re: Then there’s the Flexner Report (Carnegie Foundation Bulletin Number Four) in 1910.

The Flexner Report was a pivotal monopolistic victory for toximolecular medicine.

We can go back many years before that too.

Benjamin Rush (1745-1813) personally killed THOUSANDS of people with his U.S. Government-endorsed ideas, but at least we weren’t living in a Medical Police State.

“You’ll hear folks say that Dr. [Benjamin] Rush is a hero for saving folks with his purges and blood letting. But I’ve seen different. It’s these French doctors here that know how to cure the fever. I don’t care if Dr. Rush did sign the Declaration of Independence. I wouldn’t let him and his knives near me,” a woman (Mrs. Flagg) commented during the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1973.


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