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By Atom Bergstrom

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Are we all round-the-clock sleeper agents?

When someone is Mesmerized, are they really being de-Mesmerized?


Ray Peat: “And the words tend to carry with them all of the intentions of the educational system. So that’s the cage that people built in their minds that trapped their whole being in this world of words and concepts.”

John Barkhausen: “I see. So we all just sort of get lost in our abstractions.”

Ray Peat: “Um, in someone’s else’s abstractions.”


According to George Ivanovich Gurdjieff …

“I learned that the boy in the middle was a Yezidi, that the circle had been drawn round him and that he could not get out of it until it was rubbed away. The child was indeed trying with all his might to leave this magic circle, but he struggled in vain. I ran up to him and quickly rubbed out part of the circle, and immediately he dashed out and ran away as fast as he could.”


Adano Ley could talk to some people through the center of his forehead instead of through his mouth.

Some people? Who? The ones a little less stuck in the rain of their words.


According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“The umbrella of love keeps off the rain of your words invented by the mouth. You know the rain of words invented by the mouth? ‘I can’t do this,’ and ‘I’m not going to do this,’ blah, blah, blah. You know the rain? It will give you verbal pneumonia.”


Mr. H.U. Janson (“Striking Utility of Mesmerism in Tic Douloureux,” The Zoist, 1846) wrote …

“Mrs. C. had been a ‘martyr of the tic’ for full four years before I knew her, during which time she had the advice of several physicians and surgeons in Exeter; but without any permanent benefit; though, as she told me, ‘the medicines sometimes seemed to have the effect of stunning the pain for the time; but it always returned with redoubled violence, so that no advantage was derived.’ The patient expresses her belief that the disease has been forming for full eighteen years; it was therefore a thoroughly deep-rooted case.

“Neuralgia, I may observe, appears to be one of the most mystic or least explicable of all diseases. I do not require to be told that it is owing to a derangement of the nervous system, &c; that of course, is admitted; but the question is, what causes this derangement? One of my medical friends tells me that it may be caused by disorder of almost any of the internal organs. As far as my own observation has gone, I am satisfied that these deep-rooted cases are frequently caused by the accumulation of a mass of matter in the chest. That it is so in this case, I have not the slightest doubt, both from the self-evident symptoms of the case, and also from the assertions of the patient herself during the trance. The application of the mesmeric influence always produces a severe cough, which, by continuing the ‘passes’ with energy, may be worked up so as to terminate in violent vomiting. In this way the amount of matter that has been removed is beyond calculation; for I have attended her now upwards of 300 times, and the process has been going on, more or less, from the commencement; though the expectoration began to diminish with the pain, and has now, for some time, nearly ceased altogether. I have never heard of a worse case than this. When I first became acquainted with Mrs. C. she was, I verily believe, on the point of being starved to death! as the difficulty of eating a morsel of food was almost insurmountable. She told me that even to see preparations made for dinner was just the same to her as to see a dentist preparing his instruments to draw her teeth; as the least attempt at manducation would bring on such a paroxysm of agony that I have repeatedly seen the couch on which she lay tremble beneath her. The skin of the face, around the mouth, became discoloured (as sometimes occurs in extreme cases) and peeled off as it does from a patient after a fever; and both eating and speaking were becoming every day more and more impracticable. She used to receive me in perfect silence, lying on the sofa, and merely pointing to a slate on which she had written any remark she might have wished to make. In this state she would prepare herself for the operation, looking the very picture of misery unutterable. A very few minutes sufficed to place her in the mesmeric sleep; and any one who entered, half an hour or so afterwards, might indeed have stood astonished! There was my unutterably miserable patient, sitting up, chatting, laughing, eating her dinner, (not gruel and slops, but such things as beef steaks and mutton chops), and looking as happy as possible.

“She would occasionally exclaim ‘I cannot think how this is! I know I could not do this if you were not here,’ &c, for it is one of the peculiarities of this case, that the patient has never, from the first, been in the slightest degree conscious of being in any other but her usual state, though she has not the slightest recollection afterwards of anything that has occurred during the trance. Many of my friends have come to see Mrs. C. eat her dinner without knowing it; and it really was quite a sight. I shall never forget the first time this experiment was tried. On being aroused, the patient looked much surprised, and said, ‘Have I been eating?’ I replied, ‘What makes you think so?’ She said, ‘I have no recollection whatever of it, but I feel as if I had been dining most sumptuously.’ ‘And well you may,’ said I, ‘for you have eaten a couple of mutton chops, a large piece of bread, and a considerable portion of pudding!’ The astonishment depicted on my patient’s face was most amusing. In this way she was gradually brought forward from strength to strength. As soon as the violent coughing and expectoration (which usually took place as soon as the eyes were mesmerically closed) was quite over, I commenced the administration of edibles. This was done until at length the disease became so far subdued, that my patient informed me she could eat comfortably when awake. I never heard of a more steady cure. The disease melted away, as Burns says, ‘like snow-wreathes in thaw.’ The dreadful paroxysms gradually died down to a few occasional twitches, which gradually diminished, in number and severity, until at length I received the pleasing intelligence that she had got over an entire day without the least pain. After that, the improvement was most rapid. She gained flesh and spirits, and has now, as I have stated, passed full half a year without a single twitch or dart.”

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