Mesmerism & Muscle Testing

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

 Franz Anton Mesmer’s ANIMAL MAGNETISM was a harbinger of Muscle Response Testing and Applied Kinesiology.

Can there be any doubt that our worldwide Medical Police State regards both of these as quackery and pseudoscience?

Yet the police and military universally use “animal magnetism” against We the People to disarm and imprison us.

These felonious badmen make it sound less woo-woo by using technocratic terms such as “splitting the optical field” and other bon ton designations.


Dr. Mesmer wasn’t fond of the occult.

He considered himself an Enlightenment scientist in the tradition of Newton and van Helmont.

Mesmer is often criticized for his 1766 doctoral dissertation, On the Influence of the Planets on the Human Body.

“It was about astrology,” today’s Useful Idiots claim.

Much of it was based on Dr. Richard Mead’s Discourse Concerning the Influence of the Sun and Moon on Animal Bodies, also attacked by Useful Idiots as astrology.

Do you know any astrologers concerned about the difference in weight of a cubic foot of air or water at different tidal phases?

(A cubic foot of either weighs more at ebb tide than at flood tide.)

Labeling Drs. Mesmer and Mead “astrologers” is like calling Dr. Carl Jung an astrologer for investigating the synchronicity involved in astrology and the I Ching.


Non-genetic environmental forces affecting us from the OUTSIDE of our bodies are a No-No for Medical Nemesis.

That’s why government eugenicists took the “Father of Chronobiology” crown off the head of Dr. Franz Halberg and passed it on to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory insiders.

The U.S. Eugenics Record Office changed its name to Cold Spring Harbor Lab in name only.

It’s one of the vital organs of the worldwide Medical Police State.


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  1. June 26, 2022 @ 8:59 pm John

    Hello Atom! In your most recent show, you mentioned that if one’s urine is so full of sugar that it attracts ants when placed out in the garden it was an indication that the person should work towards improving his or her ability to metabolize sugar by regenerating the liver, spleen, pancreas and internal organs – I was wondering if you could provide some suggestions as to how we can achieve the regeneration of the organs at home?


    • July 8, 2022 @ 4:04 pm Atom

      Eating Solar is the first place to start.

      Eating organic whole foods is also a good idea.

      The PROCESSED food sold in “health food” supermarkets is often just as bad as that sold in mainstream supermarkets.

      Becoming more anabolic and longer-lasting by the proper use of carbon dioxide and oxygen by minimizing substances such as estrogen, serotonin, nitric oxide, cortisol, omega 3 fatty acids, and the usual suspects is also important.

      MIND HACK to discover WHO is delaying the realization of the first two items.

      I’ll be writing and talking about regeneration in the future.


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