Mind Hacking, Not Dowsing

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

I mistakenly misnamed Mind Hacking “Body Dowsing” back in the day.

Mind Hacking has nothing to do with actual dowsing and radionics, but I was looking for a marketable name.

Mind Hacking is about gross motor movements, not woo-woo ones.


Example …

Hold Joe Blow’s feet while he’s lying on his back.

Tell Joe to lift his left arm, and you’ll feel the motion in his left foot, NOT his right.

Tell him to lift his right arm, and you’ll feel the motion in his right foot, NOT his left.

Mind Hacking obviously transcends the left hemisphere controlling the right side of the body and vice versa.

(It does but it doesn’t, but it’s scientific gobbledygook you don’t have to know to Mind Hack. Opposite hemispheres is for exams, not for high-level wellness.)


So what exactly IS Mind Hacking?

Tell Joe Blow to lie as still as possible, and ask him questions.

When Joe’s MIND moves his LEFT foot, it’s a male Cognitive Shock.

When his MIND moves his RIGHT foot, it’s a female Cognitive Shock.

Yep, Western “science” has got that as messed up as a football bat too!


Mind Hacking’s Split Brain physiology might have been grokked by the ancient Chinese.

Otherwise, why would they separate the Brain-Governor Vessel (CV-27) from the Conception Vessel (CV-24) at the Mouth of Man in the ANTERIOR of the body?


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  1. July 21, 2020 @ 7:10 pm Atom

    The MIND leaves its footprints all over the anatomy.

    Scanning the feet with the Cornerstone Technique is the easiest and by far the most accurate and informative “mind tracking” technique — 99% accurate.

    Eye tics are the next easiest to “read.”

    I honed my skills by watching guests on TV talk shows.

    For example, George Clooney showed no Cognitive Shock “tells” when Howard Stern asked questions about his sex life … until he was asked about his first sexual experience.



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