Mind Hacking’s Time Is Now

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

I predicted it over a month ago.

We’re reliving a perverted version of the first 10 years of FDR’s New Deal.

The Great Reset’s Contact Tracers are a deviant version of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Mind Hacking, Color Recycling, Self-Mesmerism, Solar Nutrition, and Pandiculation are tools for Social Distancing — from Doctors, Hospitals, Drugs, and Bureaucrats — resources and survival skills to help us navigate through the next 10 years.


MIND HACKING is an idea whose time has come today.

Why go to the Assassins In White when you can suss out your own psychological and physiological health?

MIND HACKING dissolves the boundary between Mind and Body …

between psychology and biology

between thinking and dying


The Time of Corona Crisis will usher in the Age of Social Distancing from Doctors, Hospital, Drugs, and Bureaucrats.

MIND HACKING is a defense against Mind Control.


Looking without by PERCEPTION is perverted from within by AFFECTION — color is a BIAS.

We don’t go to a therapist to be colored of a trauma.

We go to be CLEARED of a trauma.

Most people are looking at a MIRROR when they use their eyes — lionizing and demonizing others for their own strengths and weaknesses.


According to Henri Bergson (1912) …

“To make of the brain the condition on which the whole image depends is in truth a contradiction in terms, since the brain is by hypothesis a part of this image.”


MIND HACKING can recycle and recondition the image of the Universe.

According to Bergson …

“The brain is concerned with motor reaction, not with conscious perception.”

MIND HACKING is a tool to substitute mindfulness for brain-fullness.


SPINE is a reflex of SKULL.

BODY is a reflex of BRAIN.

BRAIN is a reflex of MIND.

MIND is a reflex of SOUL.


Mind Hacking’s CORNERSTONE TECHNIQUE measures either a “Yes” or a “No.”

There is no narrative,

There is no interpretation.

There is no conjecture.

There is no guesswork.

There is no cogitation.

There is only a “Yes” or a “No.”



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  1. July 17, 2020 @ 11:38 am Atom

    Mind Hacking’s CORNERSTONE TECHNIQUE measures either a “Yes” or a “No.”
    There is no narrative.
    A lie detector test (polygraph) measures either a “Yes” or a “No.”
    There is no narrative.
    The difference between the Cornerstone Technique and a polygraph test?
    You can beat a polygraph test.
    You can’t beat the Cornerstone Technique.


  2. July 17, 2020 @ 11:41 am Atom

    I was in the second row at a Deepak Chopra lecture when a lady in a wheelchair was helped into the seat in front of me.
    She turned around and said, “I have MS. I try to visualize standing up every day.”
    “So you’re telling me you’re twice removed from standing up?” I replied.
    “What do you mean?” She looked puzzled.
    “Not only do you visualize standing up instead of standing up, but you TRY to visualize instead of standing up.”
    She turned around without a word.
    She stood up a minute later.
    She stood for a while, then sat down.
    She turned around and beamed, “I stood up.”
    “I noticed.” I said.
    (Multiple sclerosis can be precipitated by being “frozen in place” with fear as a child.)


  3. July 17, 2020 @ 11:51 am Atom

    If anyone mentions “emotional trauma,” roll up your pants; it’s too late to save your shoes.
    There’s no such thing as “emotional trauma.”
    It’s all about the MIND, not the MEAT.
    Without a Cognitive Trigger Event, no toxic memory trace can exist.
    Dr. Jaak Panksepp’s Seven Primary Emotions (SEEKING, RAGE, FEAR, LUST, CARE, PANIC, PLAY) are free-floating, not toxic.
    War has nothing to do with emotions. It’s all about the “gray matter,” not the “white matter.”


  4. July 17, 2020 @ 11:53 am Atom

    Be careful what you say!.
    “What chakra do you think you’re in?” someone asked.
    “I’m still in the [bleep] chakra,” I joked.
    A hemorrhoid grew to the size of a large marble in less than 5 minutes!
    It required immediate bathroom surgery and a product called Herbcrafters Green Salve (Sticky Green Stuff).


  5. July 17, 2020 @ 11:55 am Atom

    Life Flow is the clockwise flow of energy circling through the body. Magnetic “shock” flow is counterclockwise. Both circuits revolve around the Hara or Dian Tian. Energy follows a five-lane highway (down on the left, up on the right), on the front of the body). These five lanes separate at the fingers and toes — Metal spans the thumb; Wood, the index finger; Fire, the middle finger; Water, the ring finger; and Earth, the pinkie finger. This video demonstrates how to deflect “negative” energy coming your way, including the energy of simply reciting the numbers of your street address … and much more.


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