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By Atom Bergstrom

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Your MIND makes you sick, but the flip side of the coin is …

Your MIND makes you well.


Forget the Placebo Effect.

The Placebo Effect means you think your MIND made you well because you thought your MIND made you sick in the first place.

So nothing physical was involved in both the first and second place because it cuts into the mainstream medical business of DRUGGING AND CUTTING MEAT.

According to the Medical Mainstream Matrix, MIND is MIND and MEAT is MEAT and never the twain shall meet.


So Conversion Disorders are Functional Neurological Symptom Disorders.

In plain American, Conversion Disorders can’t be Neurological Disorders.

They can only be “Functional” Neurological “Symptom” Disorders.


According to DSM-IV …

“In fact, it is the absence of expected findings that suggests and supports the diagnosis of Conversion Disorder.”


A rash is a physical symptom.

Can a rash just disappear?

If it can, it’s not a conversion disorder.


“What can I do for this rash on my finger?” a Knoxville housewife asked.

She held up her LEFT ring finger (wedding ring finger), expecting me to recommend something like aloe vera.

I answered her question with a question. “What’s the first color you think of when you think of the rash?”


“What decision do you have to make about a commitment to a man?”

She pondered for only a few seconds. “It’s my husband. He wants me to help him develop his real estate business, but I want to do therapy like Adano.”

“The color is yellow, and that’s decision. So it really doesn’t matter WHAT you decide, only THAT you decide. All that matters is that you make the decision itself.”

“I don’t have any clients yet, so I might as well help him with his business. I’ll find some clients, and do therapy later.”

Her husband came home from the office a half hour or so later. He asked, “Did you ask Ed [Atom] about your rash?”

“Yes,” she replied, holding up her hand. “It’s completely gone.”


A man came to Yogacharya John Oliver Black (direct disciple of Yogananda), asking, “Can you help me heal my cancer?”

Cancer was all over his face.

Oliver Black laughed uproariously, greatly offending the man.

“You don’t have cancer,” he replied.

The man looked in the mirror, and his face had no trace of cancer.

It was just another day in the life at the Song of the Morning Ranch.

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  1. November 29, 2019 @ 12:18 am Atom

    Pineapples are an evening food because they belong to the Bromeliad family.

    Les C. Cwynar (“Bromeliad family (Bromeliadaceae),” The Gale Encyclopedia of Science, Vol. I, 1996) wrote …

    “Many plants, including the bromeliads pineapple and Spanish moss, have evolved stomata that are closed during the heat of the day but open at night when temperatures are cooler. These plants trap carbon dioxide that enters through their stomata and stores the gas until daylight, when light energy is available for further processing through photosynthesis.”



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