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By Atom Bergstrom

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Re: Have you found anything that works to detox nano-geo-engineering?

Our highest choice for now is to keep a functional immunity by getting adequate air, food, water, rest, sunshine, and exercise.


Let’s take an element such as lead.

Lead’s toxic effects have been studied for hundreds of years, and we still don’t know all there is to know about protecting ourselves.

Suddenly we have various forms of quantum-dot lead, each one a COMPLETELY NEW ATOMIC ELEMENT TACKED ON TO THE PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS, most of these nano-lead particles and materials in use for only a year or two or three … and their (1) toxic and/or (2) inflammatory effects just beginning to be studied by “fox guarding the hen house” nanotech companies that will supposedly tell us the truth about their safety.


Hundreds (maybe thousands) of EMERGENT NANO-ELEMENTS have been released into the environment since 1925 — more than 99% of them in the last forty years.

Nanogold alone comes in various sizes — EACH ONE A COMPLETELY NEW ATOMIC ELEMENT (and most of them inflammatory enough for use in vaccines).

Hundreds of years will be needed to discover which specific nanoparticles are (1) toxic and/or (2) inflammatory, and how to defend ourselves against each one.


That’s why …

Our best strategy for now is to keep a functional immunity by getting adequate air, food, water, rest, sunshine, and exercise.

Anyone who tells you they have a specific defense against the numerous completely new creations of atomic elements that have never existed before in historical time (other than protecting ourselves with the “six doctors” mentioned above) needs … a reality check.


SUPER-IMMUNITY will be required for humanity to survive into the coming epochs of time.

Is there a prescription for super-immunity?

It can be jump-started by …

1) Eating and living according to circadian rhythms and knowing how to advance or delay their phases.

2) Meditating to replace Animal Man and Intellectual Man with Intuitive Man.

3) Finding out “Who’s the matter with Me?” to truly “Know Thyself” and discover what is meant by “In my House there are Many Mansions.”

Are you up for the CHALLENGE?

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  1. September 26, 2018 @ 3:31 pm Atom

    Atom’s Body Dowsing is the most accurate way to answer the question, “Who’s the Matter with Me?”

    Is Who a HE or a SHE or an IT?

    “IT” is quite rare.

    You probably know someone who, thirty years after the fact, exclaims, “I hate my father!,” or “I despise my first wife!”

    But how many people have you met who, thirty years after the fact, exclaim, “I hate the bullet that wounded me!” or “I despise the highway that gave me these scars when I fell off my bike!”–e-books.php#Mind-Reading


  2. September 26, 2018 @ 3:39 pm Atom

    Here’s how to find our for yourself how NANO-IMMERSED we already are.

    Go through the entire Periodic Table on Wikipedia, adding “nano” to every element — nano-hydrogen, nano-helium, nano-lithium, and so forth.


  3. September 27, 2018 @ 1:33 pm Atom

    Hernias are mainly caused by three things …

    1) lack of nutritious whole foods

    2) weak intestinal walls

    3) bloating


    1) Exercise and eat nutritious foods ~ON TIME~ to prevent …

    2) weak intestinal walls.

    The abdominal area between the belly button and the crotch is crucial.

    Larry Scott’s Ring of Fire exercise helps protect the inner organs. (It’s demonstrated on YouTube).

    Hip thrusting (sexual or otherwise) helps.

    Stomach vacuums are another protective exercise.

    Ditto reverse Russian twists.

    All lower ab exercises need to be done carefully since the lower ab muscles are underused by most people.

    Belly dancing and exercising with a Hula Hoop are excellent ab exercises.


    3) Monitoring oneself for gaseous pressure and releasing it prevents …

    2) weak intestinal walls.–e-books.php#Stop-Your-Bloat


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