No Pain, No Financial Gain



By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

The U.S. government is pro-opioid and anti-pot and anti-LSD.


There’s a lot more cash to be made in opioids and opioid antidotes.

Narcan overdose spray is now being stocked by all of Walgreens’ 8,000-plus pharmacies.


Arielle Pardes (“How the Pharmaceutical Industry Is Making Money on Your Overdose,” Vice, Jul. 14, 2014) wrote …

“According to a CDC report released this month, doctors wrote 259 million opioid prescriptions in 2012 — which means that in some states, there are more painkiller prescriptions than people. Both doctors and pharmaceutical companies profit from overprescribing the pills that have led to the rise in America’s harrowing narcotic addiction, and now that opioid overdose is among the leading causes of death, they’ve also found a way to profit from the antidote, naloxone.”


Naloxone has a half-life of only 60 to 90 minutes, sneaky science-speak for a fleeting moment of time.


Don’t believe that utter nonsense about Mexican heroin feeding the opioid crisis.

It’s all done with Word Magic — subsume opiates under the title of opioids.


Fentanyl is fifty times as potent as heroin, and its pusher men wear white coats with long sleeves.

Hoyt Axton wrote and sang …

“Yeah, if I were the President / Of this land / I’d declare total war on the pusher man / I’d cut him if he stands / I’d shoot him if he runs / I’d kill him with my razor / And my Bible and my gun / G______ the pusher man.”

What say you, Mr. President?


According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) …

“Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid. Fentanyl is a very powerful anesthetic (30-50 times more potent than heroin and 50-100 times more potent than morphine) most often used with patients who are already taking other opioids to relieve chronic or breakthrough pain (such as the pain caused by cancer).”


Prince Rogers Nelson O.D.’ed on fentanyl, an easy thing to do.


Carfentanil is an analogue of fentanyl.

According to Pub Chem …

“Carfentanil or carfentanyl (Wildnil) is an analogue of the popular synthetic opioid analgesic fentanyl, and is one of the most potent opioids known (also the most potent opioid used commercially). Carfentanil was first synthesized in 1974 by a team of chemists at Janssen Pharmaceutica which included Paul Janssen. It has a quantitative potency approximately 10,000 times that of morphine and 100 times that of fentanyl, with activity in humans starting at about 1 microgram. It is marketed under the trade name Wildnil as a general anaesthetic agent for large animals. Carfentanil is intended for large-animal use only as its extreme potency makes it inappropriate for use in humans. Currently sufentanil, approximately 10–20 times less potent (500 to 1000 times the efficacy of morphine per weight) than carfentanil, is the maximum strength fentanyl analog for use in humans.”


The white-coated beaker boys (working for the New World Order’s retroactive birth control eugenicists) have been very, very, VERY busy cranking out fentanyl analogues.

To name a few (thanks to Wikipedia) …

2,5-Dimethylfentanyl / 2,2′-Difluorofentanyl / 3-Allylfentanyl / 3-Fluorofentanyl (NFEPP) / 3-Furanylfentanyl (3FUF) / 3-Methylbutyrfentanyl / 3-Methylfentanyl (3-MF) / 3-Methylfuranylfentanyl (3MFUF, TMFUF) / 3-Methylthiofentanyl / 3-Phenylpropanoylfentanyl / 4-Fluorobutyrfentanyl (4-FBF) / 4-Chloroisobutyrylfentanyl (4-CIBF) / 4-Fluoroisobutyrfentanyl (4-FIBF) / 4-Fluorofentanyl / para-fluorofuranylfentanyl (p-F-Fu-F) / para-chlorofuranylfentanyl (p-Cl-Fu-F) / ortho-methylfuranylfentanyl (o-Me-Fu-F) / ortho-methoxyfuranylfentanyl (o-MeO-Fu-F) / ortho-isopropylfuranylfentanyl (o-iPr-Fu-F) / 4-Phenylfentanyl / 4-Methoxybutyrfentanyl / 4-Methylphenethylacetylfentanyl / Acrylfentanyl / α-Methylacetylfentanyl / α-Methylbutyrfentanyl / α-Methylfentanyl (AMF) / α-Methylthiofentanyl / α-Methyl-β-hydroxyfentanyl / Acetylfentanyl / Alfentanyl / Benzodioxolefentanyl / Benzoylfentanyl / Benzylfentanyl / β-Hydroxyfentanyl / β-Hydroxythiofentanyl / β-Hydroxy-4-methylfentanyl / β-Methylfentanyl / Butyrfentanyl (Bu-F, BUF) / Brifentanyl / Carfentanyl / Cyclopentylfentanyl / Cyclopropylfentanyl / EAZ-91-05 / Isobutyrylfentanyl / Isofentanyl / Hybrid molecule containing features of both fentanyl & haloperidol / trans-phenylcyclopropyl-norfentanyl / Pyridin-4-ylethyl-norfentanyl / Furanylfentanyl (Fu-F, FUF) / Furanylethylfentanyl (FUEF) / Lofentanyl / N-Methylcarfentanyl / Methoxyacetylfentanyl (MAF) / meta-fluorofentanyl / Mirfentanyl / Ocfentanyl / Ohmefentanyl / Orthofluorofentanyl / Parafluoroisobutyrylbenzylfentanyl / R-30490 / Remifentanyl / Sufentanil / Tetrahydrofuranylfentanyl / Tetramethylcyclopropylfentanyl / Thenylfentanyl / Thiafentanil / Thiofentanyl / Trefentanyl / Valerylfentanyl (VF)

Until now, I always thought PAIN IS PAIN IS PAIN.

But now the beaker boys working for the pusher men are teaching us that there’s a specific fentanyl analogue for every specific classification of pain in the universe.

And if there isn’t at this very moment, more fentanyl analogues are being concocted every day.

Aren’t you glad that your doctor knows exactly which specific fentanyl analogues fits your specific classification of pain?

Be still, my beating heart … maybe forever.

The folks who die every day in the U.S. of drug overdose are FEELING NO PAIN.


P.S.: Hypnotism and Mesmerism vanquish pain with fewer side effects than any drug, including pot, LSD, horse (heroin), he-man (fentanyl), drop dead (carfentanil), etc.

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  1. April 6, 2018 @ 8:04 pm Atom

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    Weight exits the body as carbon dioxide and water.

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  2. April 6, 2018 @ 8:08 pm Atom

    Protecting your chest and abdomen from a dental X-ray with a lead apron is akin to protecting your chest and abdomen with a lead apron from the mercury you eat with your mouth.

    Scientists once believed X-rays caused on-site DNA mutations, but they’re beginning to discover the radiation bystander effect.


  3. April 6, 2018 @ 8:12 pm Atom

    According to Swami Nitty-Gritty …

    “When you have a gall bladder attack, put a paper bag over the head before supplying oxygen.”


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