Oiling the Skin?

By Atom Bergstrom

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Re: It’s interesting that within the skin care arena, the majority of top recommended oils are PUFA. There’s A LOT of quality research that shows efficacy. Thoughts on how a PUFA oil can be good topically but not internally?

That’s definitely not “quality” research! The cosmetic industry spews out more BS than the supplement industry!

The exception to the rule is OLIVE OIL.

It’s good for the skin — and beyond — as long as you don’t sunbathe after application.

Extra virgin olive oil is the only oil capable of penetrating the dermal defense barrier.

Not even magnesium can do that!


Wrinkled skin in OIL does not resume its flexibility.

Wrinkled skin in WATER does resume its flexibility.

Don’t let cosmetic fraudsters sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

Even using toxic products like propylene glycol are better for your skin than clogging up its pores with oil. Bwaa Ha Ha!


Re: What about coconut oil?

Maybe your skin can digest it into healthful lauric acid and other medium-chain fatty acids.

My skin can’t.


Marshall T. Savage (The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps, 1992, 1994) wrote …

“One’s skin makes a good space suit for several reasons; it is impermeable; it is well attached to the underlying tissue; and most importantly, it applies counter pressure to the fluids of the body.”


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  1. October 22, 2021 @ 6:00 pm Atom

    Re: Two years ago I started being almost fruitarian (Medical Medium style). Eating tons of fruits and developed one lipofuscin mole on my stomach. I did that diet for 6 months and than switched to Ray Peat.

    Fruit generally does not spawn lipofuscin.

    Berries are sometimes touted as a significant source of omega 3 fatty acids, which is ridiculous.

    Even if it were true, there are adequate amounts of vitamin E in berries to counteract the linolenic acid content.

    Not that the Medical Mediocre is even close to a reliable source about wellness.

    Many other sources of “mole” pigments are possible, and there are various forms of melanin.

    If those “moles” are dark enough and any of them also appear in the irides, seek guidance from a knowledgeable health practitioner ASAP.



  2. October 22, 2021 @ 6:06 pm Atom

    According to Carl Dreher (1939) …

    “In his later writings [Oswald] Spengler went further and developed the thesis that Marxian socialism and capitalism were merely the two faces of the same coin, the substance of which was thinking in money. The result was wage capitalism, or capitalism from below — what was a trade-union but a trust for lifting wages? — while capitalism per se was socialism from above, the socialism of the stock exchange. Trade-unionists and communists, whom he lumped together as ‘wage bolshevists,’ were nothing but capitalists without money.”



  3. October 22, 2021 @ 6:08 pm Atom

    Remdesivir = Your Death Is Near.

    Visual a tombstone to make this information clearer.


  4. October 22, 2021 @ 6:09 pm Atom

    Politicians and billionaires are fearful of the recurrence of a disease that went viral during the French Revolution …

    Guillotine-Barré Syndrome.


  5. October 22, 2021 @ 6:11 pm Atom

    Two beggars in El Paso are talking. One of them has been making lots of money and the other hasn’t, so he asked him what was his trick.

    He said, “I stand on the side of the road with a sign that says ‘I need $20 for a ticket to Mexico’.”


  6. October 23, 2021 @ 8:22 am Andre

    Thoughts on Ivermectin?


    • October 24, 2021 @ 12:58 am Atom

      Hello! from At-OM. Hope all is well with you and yours!

      I think ivermectin is overrated. I’m pretty sure Ray Peat regards it as toxic.

      The Hong Kong Flu (H3N2) of 1968-1970 killed 1 million worldwide, and 100,000 in the U.S. … yet ivermectin wasn’t needed.

      According to Dr. Google …

      “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that, as of April 4, 2020, the 2019-2020 United States flu season had caused 39 million to 56 million flu illnesses, 410,000 to 740,000 hospitalizations and 24,000 to 62,000 deaths.”

      Colds and flu have been with us for centuries. Whatever happened to the standard treatments?

      Why do we suddenly need ivermectin?

      Or for that matter, ventilators? Hydroxychloroquine? Remdesivir?

      Most people die of over-treatment.

      Acetaminophen is a killer. So is ibuprofen.

      Covid-19 and its variants (there are hundreds of them because that’s why colds are different than flu) is just another cold with a helluva shrewd press agent.

      Coronaviruses have been with us yearly for a minimum of 10,000 years.

      That’s the conservative estimate. Some experts take them back as far as 65 million years.


  7. October 24, 2021 @ 6:57 pm John

    Hi Atom, so ghee does not penetrate the dermal defense barrier?


    • October 25, 2021 @ 8:32 am Atom

      Ghee gives outer protection only.

      It’s excellent for windy, dusty days.

      Olive oil can actually travel into the gut, according to Swami Nitty-Gritty.

      He wasn’t the only one who knew about this back in the day.

      Robert Gray wrote about it in The Colon Health Handbook: New Health Through Colon Rejuvenation.

      Robert Gray recommended adding a pinch of cayenne to the olive oil to assist the absorption.


  8. October 25, 2021 @ 5:56 pm James

    Doesn’t Castor oil penetrate the skin as well?


    • October 26, 2021 @ 7:46 am Atom

      Castor oil penetrates into/inside the skin but not into the body, according to existent research.

      It almost certainly can penetrate the stratum corneum. I removed two moles with castor oil soon after graduating from high school.

      They quickly faded from blackish-brown to my skin color in two weeks. The mole hairs continued to grow for ten years, then disappeared. The raised skin-colored bumps remained for another decade or so, and then there was no trace.

      According to Dr. Google …

      “The stratum corneum (SC), the skin’s outermost layer and interface with the outside world is now well recognized as the barrier that prevents unwanted materials from entering, and excessive loss of water from exiting the body.”

      And …

      “Common penetration enhancers include Azone, DMSO, alcohols, fatty acids such as oleic acid, surfactants, terpenes, and most organic solvents. Such substances have been shown to increase skin permeability to drugs by disordering or fluidizing the SC structure or by interacting with keratin.”

      The OLEIC ACID mentioned above is the primary monounsaturated fatty acid in OLIVE OIL.

      Of course, in our present Age of Nano, skin penetration is now a whole new game.

      According to Current Drug Delivery (2017) …

      “Nano-emulsions are thermokinetically stable dispersion systems, which have been used in topical and transdermal delivery of a number of pharmaceutically active compounds. Nano-emulsions have a narrow droplet size range with tuneable surface properties, which make them an ideal delivery vehicle. Nanoemulsions have a number of advantages over conventional emulsions, including easy preparation using various low and high energy methods, optical transparency, high solubilisation capacity, high stability to droplet aggregation and the ability to penetrate the skin; thus allowing the transdermal delivery of drugs.”

      Get ready for a whole new level of abuse from Big Pharma’s criminal scumbags.


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