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By Atom Bergstrom

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Matthew Joseph Rodermund, M.D., wasn’t the first physician in the 19th Century to figure out that the heart was not a pump, but he seems to be the one who took it most seriously.

And he explained the actual physiology simply, without resorting to spiraling forces, rotary blood flow, torsional ventricular motion, and structured water.


E.H.J. (“How the Blood Circulates Without the Aid of the Heart,” Journal of Medicine and Science, Mar. 1899) wrote …

“M.J. Rodermund, M.D., of Appleton, Wis., claims to have discovered the law and power that propels the blood throughout the system, and says that the air breathed into the lungs contains the oxygen which charges the blood-cells with circulatory power. If true, the old theory that the heart is a pump is overthrown, as well as the supposedly-proven fact that by the pumping process the blood is propelled throughout the body, as has been held by physiologists ever since [William] Harvey’s [1578-1657] discovery.

“Rodermund claims, (Chicago Medical Times) that, ‘the blood can circulate without aid of the heart; that the arteries (as now taught) are no aid in assisting blood circulation, by muscular contraction; further that the main function of the heart is to regulate, and that it is a distributing center and agitator for the blood.’

“In a prior paper concerning prenatal circulation Rodermund tried to show that the heart could not be the cause, neither could it have the power necessary to propel the blood. He says: ‘No one can study the great uterine, placental and fœtal circulation without coming to the conclusion that something besides the mechanical power of the heart is the force which accomplishes this wonderful feat of nature.’

“He followed this by experiments upon forty or fifty living animals of various kinds, such as the dog, hog, chicken, turkey, cat and steer — each proving the same point. He found the full grown hog, not too fat best for experiment, for its inner organs are most similar to man’s. The first one weighed about 275 pounds,”

(To Be Continued.)

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  1. February 17, 2019 @ 3:54 pm Atom

    Ivan Illich (1974, 45 years ago!) wrote …

    “Medicines have always been potentially poisonous, but their unwanted side-effects have increased with their power and widespread use. Every twenty-four to thirty-six hours, from 50 to 80 percent of adults in the United States and the United Kingdom swallow a medically prescribed chemical. Some take the wrong drug; others get an old or a contaminated batch, and others a counterfeit; others take several drugs in dangerous combinations; and still others receive injections with improperly sterilized syringes. Some drugs are addictive, others mutilating, and others mutagenic, although perhaps only in combination with food coloring or insecticides. In some patients, antibiotics alter the normal bacterial flora and induce a superinfection, permitting more resistant organisms to proliferate and invade the host. Other drugs contribute to the breeding of drug-resistant strains of bacteria. Subtle kinds of poisoning thus have spread even faster than the bewildering variety and ubiquity of nostrums. Unnecessary surgery is a standard procedure. Disabling nondiseases result from the medical treatment of nonexistent diseases and are on the increase: the number of children disabled in Massachusetts through the treatment of cardiac non-disease exceeds the number of children under effective treatment for real cardiac disease.”



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