Pig-to-Human Heart Transplants

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

What have I been saying since March of 2020 that’s been falling on deaf Sheep-Bot ears?

One of the most important goals of the COVID-19 pandemic is to further TRANS-HUMANISM and TRANSPLANT-HUMANISM — making the world safe for pig-to-human heart transplants.

Make no mistake about it, COVID-19 is a pig virus.

Do the research and prove me a liar.


George Goshua, M.D., et al. (“Endotheliopathy in COVID-19-associated coagulopathy: evidence from a single-centre, cross-sectional study,” The Lancet, Aug. 1, 2020) wrote …

“68 patients with COVID-19 were included in the study from April 13 to April 24, 2020, including 48 ICU and 20 non-ICU patients, as well as 13 non-hospitalised, asymptomatic controls. Markers of endothelial cell and platelet activation were significantly elevated in ICU patients compared with non-ICU patients, including VWF antigen (mean 565% in ICU patients vs 278% in non-ICU patients; p<0·0001) and soluble P-selectin (15·9 ng/mL vs 11·2 ng/mL; p=0·0014). VWF antigen concentrations were also elevated above the normal range in 16 (80%) of 20 non-ICU patients. We found mortality to be significantly correlated with VWF antigen (r = 0·38; p=0·0022) and soluble THROMBOMODULIN (r = 0·38; p=0·0078) among all patients. In all patients, soluble THROMBOMODULIN concentrations greater than 3·26 ng/mL were associated with lower rates of hospital discharge (22 [88%] of 25 patients with low concentrations vs 13 [52%] of 25 patients with high concentrations; p=0·0050) and lower likelihood of survival on Kaplan–Meier analysis (hazard ratio 5·9, 95% CI 1·9–18·4; p=0·0087).”

[THROMBOMODULIN was in lower-case letters in the original.]

[George Goshua is also a transplant doctor. Hmm.]

[Lung transplant doctors are getting lots of practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hmm.]


Carmen Leitch (“Pig Hearts Might be Used in Human Transplants by the End of 2021,” LabRoots, Oct. 12, 2020) wrote …

“A major challenge in cardiac xenotransplantation has been immune rejection; primates, and probably humans as well, reject pig hearts; the immune system sees them as foreign and attacks them, rendering them useless in transplantation.

“Genetic engineering has now been used to create pig hearts that don’t carry the same molecules that tend to trigger these immune rejections.  Genetic engineering has also solved a problem of incompatibility, in which proteins found in human blood and the lining of blood vessels in pig hearts trigger blood clots when combined. Researchers have also worked to create pig hearts that can produce a human protein called THROMBOMODULIN that helps control clotting.”

[THROMBOMODULIN was in lower-case letters in the original.]


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  1. January 20, 2021 @ 2:52 am Atom

    Cholecalciferol is also known as toxiferol (its original name) and is a form of vitamin D used in vitamin supplements.

    Toxiferol is never used on any product label because the name doesn’t generate any sales.



  2. January 20, 2021 @ 2:56 am Atom

    In working with thousands of clients (it’s been my profession since 1976), I have never found a single health issue in any person that didn’t have a psychosomatic cause and often a psychological one.

    Re: German New Medicine.

    Nope. GNM relies on lesions, not Cognitive Trigger Events.


    See my recent blog entry …

    “Santa Barbara New Medicine,” Jan. 5, 2021.


  3. January 20, 2021 @ 2:59 am Atom

    Re: According to Dr. Joel Wallach, CF (cystic fibrosis) is caused by a lack of selenium? He made this happen over and over in monkeys.

    CF is a form of Yellow Fat Disease (cumulative lipofuscinosis).

    Vitamin E is chelated selenium (like vitamin B-12 is chelated cobalt), so both vitamin E can prevent (or at least slow down) many cases of cystic fibrosis.

    But omega 3 fatty acids are the primary cause.



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