Protein + Glucose #1

By Atom Bergstrom

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Meat by itself drops blood sugar. Ditto eggs.
According to Ray Peat (Dec. 18, 2012) …
“Eating protein by itself can cause a big surge of cortisol. Preceding the protein with some carbohydrate makes the protein go farther, otherwise under the influence of cortisol a lot of protein is used just for energy.”
Elmer Verner McCollum (The Newer Knowledge of Nutrition: The Use of Food for the Preservation of Vitality and Health, 1922) wrote …

“The idea made popular by Metchnikoff, that the body is injured by absorption of toxic substances formed in the intestine through the agency of putrefactive bacteria, rests upon evidence which can hardly be doubted. The beneficial effects resulting from taking a liberal milk diet, especially milk which has been soured by the bacillus acidophilus, are attested by a great many people. A very striking illustration of the manner in which a diet consisting largely of animal tissues modifies the bacterial flora of the intestine, and influences the physical and psychical condition of animals, is given by Herter and Kendall. These investigators restricted monkeys to a diet of eggs, and cats to a diet of meat for one or two weeks. They then shifted suddenly to a diet of milk and glucose. Previous studies had shown that eggs or meat encourage the growth of putrefactive organisms in the alimentary tract, whereas milk and glucose stimulates the growth of fermentative and lactic acid-forming organisms, just as does a diet consisting solely of carbohydrates. After one or two weeks on the milk and glucose diet, the animals were returned to the eggs or meat, respectively. These intervals were found sufficiently long to change entirely the character of the bacterial flora if the intestine.

“As the proteolytic or putrefying type of bacteria began to predominate, which occurred promptly after restricting the monkeys to eggs, the animals became sleepy and rested their heads upon their hands in a bowed position. They were stupid and responded slowly to external stimuli, took their food very deliberately and manifested little interest in their surroundings. Not infrequently after a hearty meal the animals would spend much time trying to bite the woodwork of the cage. The urine voided was of small volume and highly colored, and amounted to approximately half that produced from the milk-carbohydrate diet. As the protein-digesting bacteria became established, in the intestine the amount of products of putrefaction which appeared in the urine increased markedly.”

(To Be Continued)..

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  1. March 9, 2020 @ 6:27 am Atom

    The first time I observed this energy-field overlap between parent and child was at Adano Ley’s Karma Klinic.
    A screaming child was brought to Adano for therapy. The boy had been shreiking all morning, and the parents were rushing him to the hospital, but stopped in at Adano’s on the way.
    Adano attempted reflexology on the boy’s feet, but he kicked like a windmill and screamed like a banshee.
    Adano stood up, looking annoyed.
    He motioned the parents to come closer.
    He massaged both of their left shoulders.
    The boy fell deeply asleep in thirty or forty seconds.
    Adano lifted the sleeping child into his lap. There was absolutely no response.
    He did a major neck adjustment, moving quite a few vertebrae. The boy continued sleeping.
    Adano adjusted the neck in the opposite direction, moving still more vertebrae.
    The boy sleepily opened his eyes. He looked disoriented as if he wasn’t quite sure where he was or what he was doing there.
    And he didn’t make so much as a peep.
    Adano asked the father, “What did you do to upset him?”
    The father explained that he wouldn’t let his son accompany him to the store, and that’s when the tantrum started.


  2. May 8, 2020 @ 5:04 am Atom

    Adano Ley attributed poltergeistic phenomena to a child who is still connected to his or her mother by an “electrical” (“astral”) umbilical cord.
    The child’s navel energetically connects to other people’s navels to create supernatural events.
    This umbilical bond can be long-lasting and powerful, as Adano once demonstrated to me in his Houston clinic.
    A woman was relaxing on Adano’s therapy table with her eyes closed after an emotional Recycling session.
    Adano impishly winked at me, circling his hand upward from her navel in a spiral motion. The woman’s abdomen was forcefully elevated, following Adano’s hand a minimum of six or seven inches above the table.
    He spiralled his hand two more times, her abdomen elevating above the table each time.
    When he ceased, she immediately began uncontrollably sobbing. Adano soothed and comforted her till she was quiet again, then he and I left the room.
    “What was THAT?,” I exclaimed in amazement.
    “Umbilical trauma,” Adano replied, never glancing behind him to look at me as he continued on to the privacy of his bedroom and closed the door.


  3. May 8, 2020 @ 5:06 am Atom

    “You say, ‘For my disappointment, HE’S the cause. Because of him or her, I’m disappointed,” Swami Satchidananda said while pointing at his audience.
    “One finger points at him. Three fingers point back at YOU.’
    Swamiji wiggled his thumb: “He’s the WITNESS.”


    “There’s no greater power than your own mind. Everything that happens in the world is because of the mind,” observed Swami Satchidananda at a 1990 lecture.
    Then Swamiji told the story of the plumber who Roto-Rooted his own heart with his mind.


  4. May 8, 2020 @ 5:07 am Atom

    “The practice of Yoga isn’t about learning to stand on your head — it’s about learning to stand on your own two feet.” — Swami Satchidananda


  5. May 8, 2020 @ 5:08 am Atom

    Strange planet. The soybean industry (including Monsanto and Pioneer Seed) is fighting Yellow Fat Disease, and making big bucks doing it — on the down-low, of course.


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