Pure Oxygen Blitzes the Brain




By Atom Bergstrom

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Is oxygen the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Yes, No, Maybe.


Oxygen is Consciousness.

Nitrogen is Will.

Hydrogen is Power (Desire).

Carbon Dioxide is Attachment (Diamond Body).


What about the Oxygen Paradox?

Oxygen is both essential for life and also a toxin and a loose cannon.


Peter (“Oxidative Stress in Health and Disease, Part 1,” Australian Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Newsletter, Oct. 1997) wrote …

“Despite recent advances in available treatments, Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) and its sequelae Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) remain important causes of morbidity and mortality in extremely premature infants. Oxidative stress is implicated because neonates are antioxidant deficient and are treated with hyperbaric O2. Study of Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL) has implicated oxidative stress in the development of BPD as BAL samples taken from neonates with chronic lung disease have higher levels of peroxides than samples from normal controls. There is also evidence of a failure of the oxidative stress response in these infants. Failure to increase protective endogenous antioxidant enzyme activities, during hyperoxia challenge in animal models, results in an increased susceptibility to severe oxygen-induced lung damage. Current research suggests that neonatal lung disease may be a disease of inflammation and a failed antioxidant response. Investigation of new strategies for treating newborns with RDS involving the use of antioxidant therapies is in the early stages but is showing some promise. (Henschke and Vervaart, unpublished data).”

According to the same source …

“Ischaemia is a period when a tissue is without its blood supply. When the oxygen-rich blood supply is restored at the time of reperfusion, oxygen free radicals play an important role in inflammatory tissue damage. These events are believed to occur in cardiac and skeletal muscle, brain, intestine, liver, surgical skin flaps, etc.”


According to “Imaging Study Reveals How Pure Oxygen Harms The Brain,” Science News, May 24, 2007 …

“‘Several brain areas responded to 100 percent oxygen by kicking the hypothalamus into overdrive,’ explained [Ronald] Harper [professor of neurobiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA]. ‘The hypothalamus overreacted by dumping a massive flood of hormones and neurotransmitters into the bloodstream. These chemicals interfere with the heart’s ability to pump blood and deliver oxygen — the opposite effect you want when you’re trying to resuscitate someone.’

“‘When the children inhaled the carbon dioxide-oxygen mix, the hypothalamus’ hyperactivity vanished from the MRI scan.

“‘Adding carbon dioxide to the oxygen relaxed the blood vessels, allowed oxygen to reach the heart and brain, calmed the hypothalamus and slowed the release of dangerous chemicals,’ said [Paul] Macey [associate researcher in neurobiology].

“‘Pure oxygen kindles the match that fuels a forest fire of harm to the body,’ said Harper. ‘But a little whiff of carbon dioxide makes it all go away.'”


The studies above (and many others) are only REINVENTING THE WHEEL.

See below for a classic case of Medical Amnesia.


Ray Peat (“Aging Eyes, Infant Eyes, and Excitable Tissues,” 2006) wrote …

“Although Yandell Henderson had already, in 1928, explained the need for carbon dioxide to be used with oxygen for resuscitating infants or adults, medical researchers and hospital workers could never accept the idea, probably because of a fundamental misunderstanding of the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. Animal experiments show that supplemental oxygen, without carbon dioxide, causes vasoconstriction, reducing the tissues’ supply of glucose as well as oxygen. In combination with too much light, especially blue light, it damages the retina. At hyperbaric pressure, oxygen causes seizures, as well as damage to the lungs and other tissues.”





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  1. September 10, 2018 @ 3:34 pm Atom

    Buteyko breathing can help drive oxygen deeper into the body.

    Better ways include …

    1) Meditating (to slow the breath down)

    2) Yawning (more than 7 seconds at a time)

    3) Eating simple carbs (and avoiding complex ones)

    4) Living at or above an altitude of 7,000 feet.

    Ever New Cosmic Carbonation,



  2. September 14, 2018 @ 3:50 pm matt

    what are your thoughts on XPT’s training? training under water holding breath. https://www.xptlife.com/
    Yes, No, Maybe?


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