Reliving a Traumatic Event

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

I was driven out to see a client in the middle of a raging Wisconsin blizzard.

Jane (not her real name) was having severe stomach pain.

One of her legs reacted strongly when she talked about her child being stillborn.

(LEFT indicates boy, and RIGHT indicates girl. It was 1980 or 1981, so the actual gender is lost down the proverbial memory hole.)


I examined her irides, and she had the classic white irritation halo around her pupils.


The stomach is a reflex to the womb.


Fred J. Taussig, M.D. (“Uterus and Stomach: Their Anatomic, Physiologic and Pathologic Relationship,” Journal of the American Medical Association, Sept. 19, 1908) wrote …

“From a purely clinical standpoint, hardly any two abdominal organs stand in closer relationship than the stomach and the uterus. Thus we have the nausea and loss of appetite during menstruation, the vomiting and craving for certain special foods during pregnancy, the various gastric disturbances accompanying the menopause and the frequent association of gastric and gynecologic diseases.”


Jane wailed and cried, discharging her overload of grief and anguish.


Her severe stomach pain completely disappeared.


The next day, over the phone, she told me …

“When you were working on me — and this may sound strange — I didn’t ‘remember’ what happened — I was THERE. I relived it.”


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  1. July 30, 2020 @ 5:08 pm Atom

    The evolution of life is based on EATING.
    The humble origin of the stomach was a single cell known as an AMOEBA.
    It evolved into the world’s first efficient gastrointestinal tract, the WORM – a tubular, segmented, and propulsive system designed to dine.
    The nervous system and the brain evolved as a secondary system to assure that the primary gastrointestinal system could find its way to the refrigerator.
    All of the majestic brain’s intellectual and technological attainments, from sublime symphonies to lofty skyscrapers, from James Joyce to Nikola Tesla, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the National Aviation and Space Administration, are mere residuum of the nervous system’s prime directive of procuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the gut.
    Rethink the brain as a glorified catering service.
    The WORM evolved into the caterpillar, and the CATERPILLAR contains the blueprint of the BUTTERFLY.
    The human intestines are the conjoint evolution of the worm into the small intestine and the caterpillar into the large intestine.
    According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty), “We are here to eat our way to butterflyhood.”–e-books.php#BNNT


  2. July 30, 2020 @ 5:19 pm Atom

    Face-Mask-Book put me on detention for two days for “violating community standards” …

    “Your post didn’t follow our Community Standards Jul 27, 2020.”

    I had a prior offense …

    “Your post didn’t follow our Community Standards on nudity or sexual activity Nov 12, 2019.”

    I’ve been warned …

    “What Happens If You Violate Again / You can’t post or comment for 3 days.”


  3. July 30, 2020 @ 7:10 pm Atom

    Practice Social Distancing —>

    Stay far, far, far away from doctors and hospital personnel.

    They spread viruses and drugs and fake medical news.


    According to Nils Christie (way back in 1971) …

    “Medicine converges with education and law enforcement. The medicalization of all diagnosis denies the deviant the right to his own values: he who accepts the patient role implies by this submission that, once restored to health (which is just a different kind of patient role in our society), he will conform. The medicalization of his complaint results in the political castration of his suffering.”


  4. July 30, 2020 @ 7:24 pm Atom

    Herman Cain allegedly “died of complications of COVID-19.”

    He was in the hospital being TREATED WITH OXYGEN FOR 4 WEEKS, yet he “died of complications of COVID-19.”

    (Peat-atarians are scoffing and rolling their eyes. They know the truth about oxygen!)

    He had a 30% chance of surviving way back in 2006 after surgery and chemo for Stage IV cancer in his colon that had metastasized to his liver, yet he “died of complications of COVID-19.”

    Practice Social Distancing from doctors, hospitals, nurses, and anyone dressed in white.


  5. July 30, 2020 @ 7:39 pm Atom

    Suggestion —>

    Watch “Who is Bill Gates?” (by James Corbett, May 2020—2 hours, 7 minutes, 50 seconds) on Bitchute, esp. parts 3 and 4.


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