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By Atom Bergstrom

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Re: Why so much emphasis on oils in general?

Fate? Fortune? Destiny? Karma?

I heard Ray Peat mention Yellow Fat Disease several times, and decided to find out what it was in December, 2016.

Little did I suspect it would lead to eight e-books and now I’m halfway through a ninth.


The Omega 3 Deception is so full of holes and loose ends, it boggles the imagination that it exists at all.

I feel like the kid in The Emperor’s New Clothes who yelled out, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”


More than 99% of the “experts” on the planet (mainstream and alternative) believe polyunsaturated fatty acids are “essential,” when clearly they are not.

They shut down the thyroid, liver, and heart, and are mostly used for chemical warfare by plants.

Rooted organisms can’t run away from plant predators, but they can manufacture weapons of mass extermination.


Ray Peat (“Oils in Context,” 2006) wrote …

“An oil researcher spent 100 days eating what he considered to be the ‘Eskimo diet,’ seal blubber and mackerel paste. He observed that his blood lipid peroxides (measured as malondialdehyde, MDA) reached a level 50 times higher than normal, and although MDA is teratogenic, he said he wasn’t worried about fathering deformed children, because his sperm count had gone to zero. Evidently, he didn’t have a very thorough understanding of the Eskimo way.”


According to Matthew Joseph Rodermund, M.D. (the original Heart Is Not a Pump pioneer) …

“Since the breath yields much more oxygen in winter than in summer, yet can combine with only a fixed amount of carbon, we need to eat more food containing carbon the colder the weather; hence we all notice that our appetite is better in cold weather, and we relish the carbonized food, such as fat, which is four-fifths carbon, as are also butter, honey, various oils, nuts and the like. Hence the Esquimaux can drink gallons of train oil [whale oil] and eat twenty or more pounds of meat per day, and fourteen pounds of candles at a meal without injury; indeed they cannot live without an immense amount of carbon.”

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  1. March 1, 2019 @ 3:37 pm Atom

    Re: How has the Elemental Song saved you?

    One time, riding with Adano, the Elemental Song saved us from a blizzard.

    Another time it cracked open the clouds above me during a virtual cloudburst (my Volkswagen bug had totally bald tires with no traction).

    Two other times the rain paused for the few brief minutes I needed to get in and out of cars and houses when I was close to pneumonia with flu.

    Another time I used it to redirect a roof leak to save my Kinko boxes of Adano notes by sacrificing half of my kitchen (because this is not a something for nothing universe.).


    Vibrant Gal and I used the Elemental Song during all the evacuations happening here in Montecito, and we did way better than most of our neighbors.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Jeff Bridges learned the Elemental Song?

    He and his family had to be rescued by helicopter during the first Montecito mudslide.

    Now his house in Russian River-flooded Guerneville is “an island within an island.”


  2. March 1, 2019 @ 3:42 pm Atom

    It was Pericardium Time at Becky Hengsteler’s house in Tucson.

    Swami Nitty-Gritty explained …

    “I stayed in delta for 15 minutes, and became a Swami.

    “I stayed in delta for an hour, and became a Paramahansa.

    “I stayed in delta for two hours, and became a Siddhi.

    “I stayed in delta for 12 hours, and became an Ascended Master, and went away to a faraway sterile corner of the universe.

    “But I turned around and saw the Earth as a tiny blue ball, and I realized, if all is one, I left myself behind.

    “So I returned to Earth as a Descended Manifest Master, and here I am, sitting in this chair, a Liberated Being, talking to myself as unliberated beings [he pointed to all of us], and watching the whole thing as an Unidentified Principle.”–pics-TIRS-era.php


  3. March 1, 2019 @ 3:53 pm Atom

    According to Ray Peat …

    “There are occasional simply stupid medical accidents, but the everyday medical horrors are obviously done with massive organization and deliberation. They calculate the billions in profits against the probable cost in legal settlements, and time the drug withdrawal accordingly, when the costs are expected to cancel profits. But when it’s done at the top, with capital, it isn’t conspiracy.”


  4. March 1, 2019 @ 4:01 pm Atom

    Ivan Illich (Medical Nemesis, 1974) wrote …

    “From Stockholm to Wichita the towers of the medical center impress on the landscape the promise of a conspicuous final embrace. For rich and poor, life is turned into a pilgrimage through check-ups and clinics back to the ward where it started. Life is thus reduced to a ‘span,’ to a statistical phenomenon which, for better or for worse, must be institutionally planned and shaped. This life-span is brought into existence with the prenatal check-up, when the doctor decides if and how the fetus shall be born, and it will end with a mark on a chart ordering resuscitation suspended. Between delivery and termination this bundle of biomedical care fits best into a city that is built like a mechanical womb. At each stage of their lives people are age-specifically disabled. The old are the most obvious example: they are victims of treatments meted out for an incurable condition.”


  5. March 1, 2019 @ 4:07 pm Atom

    “The more you fear, the more that will befall you,” a wise man once told me.

    Back in 1963 when I worked for Sears the first time.–pics-atom-then-and-now.php


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