The Value Of Hypnotic Trance



By Atom Bergstrom

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According to Milton H. Erickson (writing to Margaret Mead) …

“I have had hypnotic subjects so profoundly interested in their somnambulistic activities that, without any induction of hypnotic anesthesic, they have remained unaware of a lighted cigarette placed in contact with their hand by a person they did not know was present.”


Frederic William Henry Myers (“Introduction,” Phantasms of the Living, Vol. 1, 1886) wrote …

“For the actual interest of the mesmeric or hypnotic trance — I am not now dealing with the rival theories which these words connote — the central interest, let us say, of induced somnambulism, or the sleep-walking state — has hardly as yet revealed itself to any section of inquirers.

“That interest lies neither in mesmerism as a curative agency, as Elliottson would have told us, nor in hypnotism as an illustration of inhibitory cerebral action, as Heidenhain would tell us now. It lies in the fact that here is a psychical experiment on a larger scale than was ever possible before; that we have at length got hold of a handle which turns the mechanism of our being; that we have found a mode of shifting the threshold of consciousness which is a dislocation as violent as madness, a submergence as pervasive as sleep, and yet is waking sanity; that we have induced a change of personality which is not per se either evolutive or dissolutive, but seems a mere allotropic modification of the very elements of man. The prime value of the hypnotic trance lies not in what it inhibits, but in what it reveals; not in the occlusion of the avenues of peripheral stimulus, but in the emergence of unnoted sensibilities, nay, perhaps even in the manifestation of new and centrally-initiated powers.

“The hypnotic trance is an eclipse of normal consciousness which can be repeated at will.”


Dennis R. Weir (The Way of Trance, 2007) wrote …

“Will you be able to distinguish between ‘true love’ and hypnotically created ‘love’?”

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  1. September 3, 2019 @ 2:37 pm Atom

    Mesmerism & Miracles. “We sell ourselves short,” according to Adano Ley. Millions of people (hundreds of them famous) were once involved in Mesmerism. Hundreds of books were written on the subject, most of them after 1766. Mesmerism was intimately linked to the French Revolution and other historic European events. Today’s mainstream scientists and physicians reject Vital Fluid and Animal Magnetism. Skeptics denounce Mesmerism as a Victorian pseudoscience, claiming it was a “short-lived phenomena,” but nothing could be further from the truth. What about modern hypnosis? It’s the bathwater remaining after today’s “experts” threw out the baby. Mesmerism could cure cancer. Hypnosis can make you feel good about having cancer. Many Mesmerized subjects could see through walls with their stomach. Deaf people could hear again. Color-blind people could see colors again. Mesmerism was judged to be nothing but suggestion. Then how are animals Mesmerized? — everything from chickens to crocodiles, birds to bison? The largest part of this book can be found in the public domain, published before 1923. It’s pages are long on history, and it’s not an easy read. Mesmerism has many techniques, and has much in common with *actual* Yoga (Human Hibernation). (If you’re looking for New Age vagueness, your time is better spent watching What the BLEEP.) .”Hypnosis can be more intimate than sex. The hypnotist takes on the karma of the hypnotized,” according to Adano Ley. “Once a therapist has been associated with a patient’s trance behavior, there is forever after some association between that therapist and the patient’s previous altered state of trance,” according to Milton H. Erickson, M.D. (see Wikipedia). Miracles abound without Mesmerism and Hypnosis. SELF-MESMERISM is your highest choice. Are you ready to take the Red Pill? It’s already inside you. All you have to do is self-activate it. Are you ready to “tune” like John Murdoch in Dark City? Then you can even have a conversation with a mountain (described in this book).–e-books.php#Mesmerism


  2. September 3, 2019 @ 2:39 pm Atom

    Burping doesn’t do much unless you study its mechanics, but even then it’s a minor player (although it does take some pressure off the heart, so repressing it is not a higher choice).

    1) Repeated and extended yawning (a minimum of seven seconds) and multidirectional stretching is far more effective.

    2) So is tongue extension (Maori style).

    3) Ditto Eating On Time (Sun Synchronized Nutrition).

    Enemies of intestinal health include popcorn, psyllium, melted cheese, deep-fried oils (varnish), etc.

    Ever New Diamond Body Lifestyles,


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