There Is a Way Out

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Re: How do you awaken your Kundalini?

Meditate to cultivate Cosmodyne Force.


Mastering Cosmodyne Force gives you safe access to Kundalini Force.

Cosmodyne Force is the four tires that move you down the freeway.

Kundalini Force is the emergency spare tire in your trunk.


The SKIN of an apple symbolizes the “way of the mystic” and the “Cosmodyne peripheral flow of energy.”

The CORE of an apple symbolizes the “way of the occultist” and the “Kundalini core flow of energy.”

During Initiation, the apple represents spiritual fertility.


Cosmodyne Force is Aaron’s rod, and Kundalini Force is the rods of Pharaoh’s sorcerers.

Cosmodyne Force is infinite, while Kundalini Force is finite.


According to George Ivanovich Gurdjieff …

“Kundalini is a force put into men in order to keep them in their present state. If men could really see their true position and could understand all the horror of it, they would be unable to remain where they are even for one second. They would begin to seek a way out and they would quickly find it, because there is a way out; but men fail to see it simply because they are hypnotized. Kundalini is the force that keeps them in a hypnotic state. ‘To waken’ for man means to be ‘dehypnotized.'”


May the Forces be with you.


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