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By Atom Bergstrom

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Re: Do you know of / recommend any books that I can read or videos I can watch to get started in spirituality and also learn about the ancient wisdom of the masters? I’m quite new to spirituality and spiritual science especially is truly fascinating to me.

Let’s start with a caveat …

“One person’s spirituality is another’s superstition / heresy / iron cage.”


And a second caveat …

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) wrote to Paramahansa Yogananda, asking for a list of 100 books on God.

Yogananda replied …

“What are all the books in the world compared to 15 minutes of silence in the soil?”

For years, Adano thought Yogananda wrote “soul” instead of “soil.”


“Spiritual science” is fascinating to me too, so I’ll postulate about some of its more esoteric aspects.

I’ve read or at least skimmed thousands of books on the subject, so I’ve definitely accumulated a list of favorites, less favorites, and least favorites.


The Sant Mat / Surat Shabd Yoga literature especially appealed to me once I learned to get past the self-righteous moralizing — usually originating from disciples and not the Surat Shabd Masters themselves.

Reading the first thirty or so pages of Julian Johnson’s The Path of the Masters: The Science of Surat Shabd Yoga repelled me from reading any of the other Sant Mat books for decades.

He (1873-1939) was probably a swell guy, but his style of writing was off-putting to me.


Then I got turned on to The Science of the Soul, by Maharaj Bahadur Jagat Singh (1884-1951), a chemistry professor before he became the third Master of the Radha Soami Satsang Beas.


Next I discovered two more interesting books at the University of California at Santa Barbara library …

Maharaj Saheb (Pandit Brahm Sankar Misra), Discourses on Radhasoami Faith, Third Edition, 1942

Agam Prasad Mathur, Radhasoami Faith: A Historical Faith, 1974

The first book describes the “higher planes” better than any book I’ve found before or since.

The second is a detailed historical study, warts and all.


Agam Prasad Mathur (Radhasoami Faith: A Historical Faith, 1974) wrote …

“From a study of the split in the Radhasoami faith, it is clear that there are three major groups: the Council group, the Dayal Bagh group, and the Beas group. Besides, there are many other groups which either ideologically fall in line with one of these three or have borrowed the name of the sect but departed from its basic teachings.”


Adano Ley was closely aligned with the Beas group, but his Initiation was more aligned with the Council group.

Although he was aligned with the Beas group, the U.S. branch of the Beas group was definitely not aligned with him.

Case in point: Colonel E.R. Berg’s one-way feud with Adano.


According to Agam Prasad Mathur …

“The Beas group did not see any harm in proselytizing people and with this object in view they produced vast literature in foreign languages. This resulted in bringing popularity to the faith in foreign countries. The Beas group has also established its branches in Europe and America.”


The Council group had an affiliate organization in Cleveland, Ohio, where Adano used to work.

Coincidence? Anyone have any info about this?

(To Be Continued)

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  1. February 3, 2018 @ 5:44 pm Atom

    90-minute phone/Skype Solar Timing/Body Dowsing Consultation …

    Atom is the self-proclaimed Philip Wylie of Holistic Health.

    According to Philip Wylie …

    “To hell with thin writing, I say, and to oblivion with pipsqueaks.”

    Atom has been called the Contrarian to the Contrarians.

    He especially applauds the iconoclasm of Guru Nanak and Ambrose Bierce.

    According to Josh Billings …

    “It ain’t ignorance that causes all the trouble in this world. It’s the things people know that ain’t so.”


  2. February 3, 2018 @ 5:54 pm Atom

    According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

    “Spectralization of the aura does not occur in a realized man.”

    Adano used to tell the story of a lady who saw Charan Singh getting off an airplane.

    She looked at his aura and exclaimed, “Oh, my God! He’s dying of cancer!”

    Six months later, she was dead of cancer.

    Adano explained …

    “You have to look through your own aura to see someone else’s.”

    A realized man has no discernible aura, so the woman simply looked into a MIRROR and saw her own illness.–pics-adano-ley.php


  3. February 3, 2018 @ 5:57 pm Atom

    Excerpt from Chapter 4 of my forthcoming book on Mesmerism (for clarification’s sake) …

    You’re reading a book about Mesmerism that doesn’t promote it.

    Ditto hypnotism, Mesmerism’s watered-down descendant.


    This book promotes self-Mesmerism and self-hypnotism.

    Why be a color on someone else’s palette?

    Why be an actor in someone else’s movie?


    According to Adano Ley …

    “Never turn your magnetic field over to another person. Hypnosis can be more intimate than sex.”

    He also said …

    “The hypnotist takes on he karma of the hypnotized.”


    According to Milton H. Erickson, M.D. …

    “Once a therapist has been associated with a patient’s trance behavior, there is forever after some association between that therapist and the patient’s previous altered state of trance.”


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