Thoughts On Spiritual Science #3


By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Let’s look at a darker side of Lightworkers.

Don’t get Twin-Flamed by spiritual snobbery.

Don’t get blocked from Dark Matter by light’s limitation.


According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“And Satan is the Father of Lies — consciousness is dualistic, phenomenal. This light energy is absorbed and observed in our environment as a dualistic principle. It can be measured as a wave and it can be measured as a corpuscle. And, therefore, there is no permanency and reality in light, and God is not light, for God is sound. Therefore, the Christ Intelligence, or the conscience, is indicating that we can’t trust our consciousness, which determines its existence by light.”


Surat Shabd Yoga is mostly about Sound, not Light.

Surat means “attention.”

Shabd means “word” (in its greatest sense, like the Christian capital-lettered “Word”).

Yoga means “yoke,” or “union.”

Not that you can’t hitch a ride with the Light to get to the Sound.

That’s a Sound idea, and it shouldn’t be taken Lightly.

Light serves Sound, and not the other way around.

Mind that whenever you hear Surat Shabd Yoga called the Path of the Inner Light and Sound,


Lucifer was the Angel of Light and the Father of Lies.

Lucifer descended as a light, resurrecting again as the planet Venus, and differentiating into the ten million or so colors distinguishable to the human eye.

The words “color,” “conceal,” and “hell” share a common etymological origin.


Agent Smith MULTIPLIES, while Neo (The One, an anagram) finds IRREDUCIBLE ONENESS.


According to Maharaj Charan Singh …

“As for the lights and the colors which you see occasionally [during meditation], it is right and encouraging; but you should see them disinterestedly. That is, if things do not happen before you, you should not miss them, and when they do come, you should not become overjoyed and get interested in them. For all these are phenomena on the way. As you see these things you should not try to follow them but keep your thoughts centered at the eye focus, just as one looks at the cinema screen while keeping to one’s chair.”


According to Adano Ley …

“Diamond is a type of carbon that passes light. A diamond will cut through everything. Only in the carbon-based body do you achieve the final realization with God, its highest integrity of nondecomposition in the human body. Christ, Krishna, and crystal are related.”

(To Be Continued)

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  1. February 11, 2018 @ 4:11 pm Atom

    Announcing Yellow Fat Disease Diary #2.

    DHA? Isn’t that the stuff that builds the brain? No, it SWELLS the brain.

    Anyone wanting to put on water weight only needs to look to the water — seafood.

    DHA, EPA, and ALA assault the liver.

    It’s death by a thousand paper cuts — death by free radicals.

    Someone asked, “If I can’t get my DHA from fish oil, can I get it from krill oil? Or algae?”

    I replied, “That’s like asking, ‘If I can’t get my lead from leaded paint, can I get it from leaded gasoline or from licking lead fishing lures?”

    Whether it’s in paint, gasoline, bullets, Chinese herbs, or tumbledown housing, lead is lead is lead is lead.

    And a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.

    And DHA is DHA is DHA is DHA.

    Desert people are the healthiest and longest-lived people on Earth.

    Bedouins, Kazaks, Kurds, Mongols, Apaches, Kalahari, Australian Aborigines, etc., don’t (or didn’t) have access to seafood.

    Rozanne & Randy Frazee (Real Simplicity, 2011) wrote …

    “He went on to say that the average Bedouin lives to be over one hundred years old! Without even meaning to, I blurted out, ‘How can that be?'”–mini-e-books.php


    • February 13, 2018 @ 10:14 pm James

      This was one of the funniest post replies I have read. The leaded paint part of course, since its so true. Thanks for the “light” side of things :)


      • February 15, 2018 @ 9:56 am Atom

        Thanks, James! :)


  2. February 11, 2018 @ 4:14 pm Atom

    Re: What about unrefined coconut oil? Does it protect against complex carbohydrates?

    Yes, coconut oil protects against complex carbs.

    Ironically, refined coconut oil (without coconut carbs) is better than unrefined coconut oil (with coconut carbs)

    But not that much better, so we buy the poseur oil (preferring virgin or triple-distilled).


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