Tight Lacing

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

Tight-lacing can literally cut your liver in half.

“Don’t Fence Me In” is your liver’s theme song.


Charles Murchison, M.D. (Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Liver, 1877) wrote …

“Apparent enlargements of the liver from tight-lacing are far more common than is generally believed. You cannot pay many visits to the post-mortem room without absorbing examples of this malformation, which accounts for not a few movable tumours in the abdomen that are a source of anxiety both to the patient and the medical attendant. Moreover, these acquired malformations of the liver, although most common in females, are occasionally observed in the male sex. I show you here [illustration not included] the liver of a man with a deep furrow, from indentation of the ribs, which resulted apparently from the practice of wearing a very tight belt. I may also call your attention to the case of a man, aged 23, lately under your observation in the hospital, with a firm movable tumour in the epigastrium, which there was reason to believe was a portion of the liver partially detached from a similar cause.”


Takeaway — Two half-livers are not better than one whole liver.

Over 15,000 people are on the waiting list for a liver replacement. Don’t let it be due to tight belts, girdles, and corsets.

Loosen up a notch on the kink wear and bondage clothing, boys and girls!


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  1. July 9, 2023 @ 10:17 pm Atom

    Unexpressed anger destroys the liver. Inappropriately expressed anger gets one in prison.

    Appropriately expressed anger — righteous indignation, a rage to live, courage (controlled rage), livid with living life to the max — is a key to wellness and longevity.


  2. July 9, 2023 @ 10:18 pm Atom

    Q ‚ What’s the most effective liver cleanse?

    A — Hands down, it’s the Muddy Waters’ Liver Cleanse …

    “My sweet life ain’t nothing but a thrill / I live the life I love and I love the life I live.”


  3. July 9, 2023 @ 10:19 pm Atom

    According to Jack Kerouac …

    “Listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world “


  4. July 9, 2023 @ 10:20 pm Atom

    Q — How bad are small tattoos? Are they as bad as mercury fillings? Does every tattoo reduce your life span and increase vulnerability to sickness?

    A — Statistically, tattoo-wearers have slightly shorter lifespans … but only because they tend to be RISK-TAKERS.


  5. July 9, 2023 @ 10:23 pm Atom

    The dumbest person on Earth can learn to Mind Hack … if they PRACTICE it.

    Each person you Mind Hack is an encyclopedia.

    Mind Hacking uncovers the many thoughts they don’t know they’re having.

    Our lives are based mostly on unconscious thoughts, not conscious ones.

    Cosmic Conscious starts by freeing oneself from the Hive Mind.


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