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By Atom Bergstrom

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Let’s get down with some righteous woo-woo!

We’re not confined to our brain or any other part of our body.


According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“There is no astral projection. It’s really respiratory disengagement. The one element called breath is separate from the mechanism.”


Identify with your in-breath, and you’re trapped in a meat puppet.

Identify with your out-breath, and you’re free to roam the universe and commune with things that go bump in the night.


Spencer Timothy Hall (Mesmeric Experiences, 1845) wrote …

“The name of Bon Gaultier will be familiar to most who are acquainted with our popular literature. This gentlemen and his sister were members of a large party one evening, in Edinburgh, when mesmerism was the principal topic of conversation; and being desired to furnish the company with some evidence of its truth, I selected the young lady alluded to for a sujet, not only because she appeared to me to be somewhat susceptible, but because she was very deaf, troubled at the time with severe headache, and otherwise unwell, and I thought the operation would be of benefit to her. In about ten minutes from the commencement of my manipulations. she seemed completely isolated from the world, and said she knew none of its pains, but was in a region of perfect light, which, though it did not seem to come from the sun or any other object, was more bright than the sun. It was not, however, too much for her, but seemed to be a settled splendour, as mild as it was pure. This internal light increased as that of the lamps in the room was diminished. On being brought into communion with external influences, she heard some music which made her ecstatic, and after a few other experiments I awoke her, when the pain had entirely left her head, and she could hear much better, but had no remembrance of the state she had been in. Being one of those gentle and confiding beings who hope all things good of others, they who knew her had, in turn, full faith in her own integrity. The evidence furnished in her case had, therefore, great weight with the whole party; and her brother did me the honour of writing a description of the evening’s experiments, emphatically declaring his conviction of their genuineness and importance, to which Mr. John Gray (as whose house the soirée was given) joined and published his own testimony. The good which the young lady appeared to derive on this occasion, suggested a continuance of the treatment; and, during my stay, she became daily more susceptible. The most curious point in this case is the fact that, although some defect in the ears prevented a complete cure of her deafness, she could, whenever I took hold of her hand, hear the remotest and minutest sounds perceptible to myself, by which it would appear that (for the time) my organs were the chief agents between the external world and her sensorium. This at length became quite as observable when she was awake as when in the sleep. Mrs. John Gray afterwards magnetised her, and in proportion as the power of that lady over the patient increased, mine diminished.

“Dr. Simpson, Mr. Williams, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Ford, and other members of the Magnetic Section of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, will remember me operating upon a little boy in York, who, both in somnolence and vigilance, had become so susceptible that, notwithstanding the intervention of a brick wall, he would respond to whatever I might do with the design of influencing him. Thus, if I raised my hand, he would raise his own corresponding hand. If I knelt, he would do the same. If I moved any particular finger, there was a similar result. This was repeatedly tested during my stay in that city, to the perfect satisfaction of many strict investigators, although, during these experiments, there was no possibility of the boy knowing, through the ordinary medium of the external senses, what my movements were. On one occasion, he was rapidly ascending a lofty flight of steps, and had nearly reached the top, whilst I was standing at the foot, when, without the slightest precognisance, he was checked by a silent pass of my hand. Turning suddenly round, he said, ‘Dear me! I thought some one was coming behind and pulling me;’ and was again proceeding, when I repeated the check in the same manner, upon which he discovered the cause. This boy, like many others, could also taste and describe what was put into my own mouth.”

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  1. October 11, 2018 @ 1:27 pm Atom

    Who’s the matter with us is more relevant than what’s the matter with us.

    Atom’s Body Dowsing is a “who” detector.

    “Who” is male on the left side of the body.

    “Who” is female on the right side of the body.

    And I can prove it, not philosophize about it.–consultation.php


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