Triple Heater Or Triple Cooler?




By Atom Bergstrom

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Hugo was a super-athlete. I’m using the past tense only because I lost touch with him in 1992.

Hugo did his chin-ups with 100 pounds of weight strapped to him, thought nothing of running 30 miles, and his idea of a vacation was bicycling from Lassen Volcanic National Park to Carpinteria, California, over 500 miles.

Hugo was immune to cold. He didn’t even know where his condo’s thermostat was located.

Dr. Ray Peat might be interested in the following story because it most likely involves the thyroid.


Hugo was seriously hypoglycemic until he discovered Solar Nutrition.

Eating “on time” — according to Growth Periods and the Midnight-Noon Law — resolved his blood sugar issues.

Hugo was a regular client, seeing me for a monthly “tune-up” — Body Dowsing and Muscle Response Testing.

All his muscles tested strong except one — his opponens pollicis longus (OPL).


The OPL allows the tip of the thumb to touch the tips of the fingers.

It’s often used as an indicator muscle in Muscle Response Testing or Touch For Health techniques — making a ring with the fingers by touching the tip of the thumb to the little finger.

The OPL is often used for self-testing too.


The opponens pollicis longus is linked to the Spleen-Pancreas Meridian, so we figured it was connected to Hugo’s former hypoglycemia.

His OPL would “lock” whenever I worked the proper Neuro-Lymphatic Points (Chapman’s Reflexes) , but it never “held.”


One day I had an idea.

Hugo was visiting me at the health food store I managed, so I told him, “Why don’t we work on your Triple Heater Meridian since it’s 180 degrees opposite the Spleen-Pancreas? Maybe that will help.”

It did. And Dr. Peat might be interested even more so.


The Triple Heater includes the hypothalamus, thyroid, and adrenals.

Triple Heater Time (9:00-11:00 p.m.) is 12 hours opposite Spleen-Pancreas Time (9:00-11:00 a.m.)


Hugo phoned me about an hour later.

He had started shivering after we stimulated his Triple Heater reflexes (between 2-3 ribs near the sternum; between T 2-3, an inch to each side of the spine; 2 inches above and one inch to each side of the navel; between T 10-11, and between T 11-12).

He shivered for most of the day, and even 30 minutes in a hot shower didn’t help.

Hugo lost his resistance to cold, becoming extra sensitive to cool weather as well as cold.

But his opponens pollicis longus “locked” and “held” from then on.

He continuously improved as an athlete, but it was unclear how much of this was due to all of his muscles “locking” and being very strong, and how much was due to his strict following of Solar Nutrition.

Hugo was the most dedicated and EXACT Solar Nutrition eater of all time.

No one has even come close, including yours truly.

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  1. April 10, 2019 @ 3:43 pm Atom

    Someone brandished a pistol and threatened to shoot Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty), while he loudly and repeatedly egged the person on.

    “Go ahead! Shoot me!” Adano shouted.

    He later explained, “When you’re traveling the same speed as the bullet, no one can shoot you.”–e-books.php#BNNT


  2. April 10, 2019 @ 3:44 pm Atom

    Follow the Money! It’s time for a March Against Merck.

    Vaccinations are one of the many Medusa heads of EUGENICS.


  3. April 10, 2019 @ 3:52 pm Atom

    Re: Have you any experience or tips for heel pain?

    Heel pain is often from over-strong muscles on the back of the lower legs.

    Exercising the underused muscles on the front of the lower legs is remedial.

    Ever New Diamond Body Lifestyles,


  4. April 11, 2019 @ 3:30 pm Atom

    Channeling is extremely rare, according to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty).

    He said most “channeling” was self-ventriloquism via a traumatized Spleen-Pancreas Meridian.


    We all have superhuman abilities, but our forced education denies access to our superpowers.

    An example is dancer Isadora Duncan, who dropped out of school, yet had “read all the works of Dickens, Thackeray, and thousands of novels besides, good and bad, inspired books and trash” by the time she was 11 years old and already was a dance teacher.

    (Too bad she wasn’t more educated about the physics of silk scarves blowing in the wind!)


  5. April 11, 2019 @ 3:34 pm Atom

    Soup often digests better than solid food for most people.

    I drink my coffee, cocoa, and maple syrup immediately after eating, but not during a meal.

    Cold liquids can slow digestion dramatically, as can a cold stomach before food even enters it.


    • June 7, 2019 @ 8:00 pm catalin voinea


      How does warm up the stomach before taking in foods?



      • June 7, 2019 @ 9:33 pm Atom

        Don’t eat cold foods is first on the list.

        Very mild exercise helps. So does eating on dry, warm days.


        • June 8, 2019 @ 1:41 am catalin voinea



          Never eating cold food before / durin or after a meal!

          How about gently tapping / padding the abdominal area for a few seconds?



          • June 8, 2019 @ 3:52 am Atom

            Never tried it. Let me know if it works.

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