Water & Acid/Alkaline Balance

By Atom Bergstrom

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Re: Hi, Atom, finding your posts on acidity/alkalinity interesting. How does this relate to drinking water in your opinion?

Water or the lack of water can induce profound metabolic changes.

Drinking four or five 8-ounce glasses of water can make someone over-alkaline (ammonioselic) in mere minutes. (If someone is in a state of shock, that’s a death sentence.)

It takes days without water to return to normal, and a few days more to become over-acidic (ureoselic).

Almost any liquid can be substituted for “water,” including alkaline water, rainwater, coffee, herb tea, fruit juice, soda pop, Gatorade, etc.

Water transcends chemistry, and is “greater than the sum of its parts.”

Re: What do you think about alkaline water?

See above for alkaline water.

Re: So it’s not an issue then?

Minor. Something like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic while it’s sinking.

Tiny events CAN make big differences.

This is known as the Butterfly Effect.

Thus “alkaline water” can alkalize, acidify, or neutralize given the right state of mind, circumstances, and timing.


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  1. September 17, 2021 @ 9:20 pm Atom

    The last known master of Taan was Swami Nadabrahmananda. Taan is the Yogic science of vocal and anatomical vibration. Nadabrahmananda had the unique ability to emit sound from almost anywhere on or in his body (ears, top of his skull, base of his spine, etc.) with his mouth completely sealed and his nose plugged with mud. It goes without saying he had achieved the “breathless state.” I sat in a chair beside Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) at the Swami’s lecture and concert (on the Indian zither and tabla) in Houston. Nadabrahmananda asked, “Does anyone here have a silver dollar?” No one answered. “Does anyone here have a silver dollar?” No answer. “Does anyone here have a silver dollar?” Adano raised his hand. Adano walked up to the stage, handed the Swami a silver dollar, and returned to his seat. Nadabrahmananda explained how he was going to place the silver dollar above his forehead and how his controlled vibrations would keep it in place throughout his concert. Then he reached down to pick up the silver dollar. But it was gone! He fumbled and looked for it, and couldn’t find it. Nadabrahmananda apologized for losing it, and re-asked, “Does anyone else have a silver dollar?” No answer. “Does anyone else have a silver dollar?” No answer. “Does anyone else have a silver dollar?” Up went Adano’s hand again. This time, Nadabrahmananda stared at Adano intently as he approached the stage. Adano handed him the silver dollar, and Nadabrahmananda barked, “You! Over THERE!” He pointed to the stage to the right of him (and to the left of us in the audience). Nadabrahmananda performed his entire concert with Adano crouched with one knee forward on the stage. (With his long hair and leather jacket, Adano reminded me of a hipster from West Side Story.) Dr. Bob Wright (a Swami himself) hooked Nadabrahmananda up to a biofeedback machine before the concert started. The Swami stayed in a breathless delta brain wave state (with an occasional lapse into theta) the entire time. Dr. Wright remarked, “This is impossible, of course!” The silver dollar stayed on the Swami’s head the entire time. The following day at TIRS, in reference to Swami Nadabrahmananda, Adano explained how genius and extraordinary abilities are created by converting a disease from a beta brain wave pattern to an alpha state. We asked, “What disease does Nadabrahmananda have?” “I can’t tell you that.” “Please, please, tell us,” we persisted. “OK, but you must promise not to reveal it.” “We promise,” we fibbed. “Parkinson’s disease,” Adano said. At the previous night’s concert, I’d noticed the Swami’s hand shaking when he reached for a glass of water. Adano told us Nadabrahmananda’s fingers never even came in contact with his zither while he played!



    • October 5, 2021 @ 10:41 am Ellen

      Atom, Regarding water, many web sources say that the chlorine in bathwater can be at least somewhat mitigated by adding a small amount of ascorbic acid powder to the water. What do you think? Ellen


      • October 7, 2021 @ 4:42 am Atom

        Apparently either ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate will work. Some water systems are actually using one or the other.


  2. September 17, 2021 @ 9:22 pm Atom

    I wished out loud, “What we need is an electronics expert to measure and validate the reflexology and kinesiology you’re teaching us.” Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) leaned back and stretched deeply into his well-worn recliner chair, intoning, “The Lord will provide, the Lord will provide.” And along came J.L. Patterson. I first met J.L. when I worked at the Phoenix Metaphysical Bookstore in the Montrose area of Houston. He bought a biorhythm computer from us, and asked me if I knew anyone knowledgeable about biorhythms. I informed him Adano could answer ANY of his questions. (I’d never even heard Adano say anything about biorhythms, but since Adano seemed to know anything about everything, how could J.L. be disappointed?) The three of us met in number 111 of the London Apartments on Richmond that evening. J.L. showed us the $1,000 version of the Texas Instruments’ $29.95 biorhythm computer he had programmed in one afternoon. His $1,000 handhand mini-computer would probably sell for five bucks today. But in November, 1976, it was state-of-the-art, including its roll of printout paper. After J.L.’s demonstration, Adano said there were actually seven biorhythms, not three. Adano mentioned the usual 23-day physical, 28-day emotional, and 33-day intellectual biorhythms, then discussed the 38-day “mental psychic rhythm,” the 43-day “pure psychic rhythm,” the 48-day “spiritual rhythm,” and the 53-day “pure spiritual rhythm.” J.L. told Adano about an acupuncturist who had recently cured him of two serious chronic diseases (including a life-threatening inability to catch his breath). A Chinese acupuncturist who spoke no English had inserted fourteen acupuncture needles for a one-time treatment. Adano placed his middle finger on his nose (one of his characteristic gestures) and inquired, “Let me ask you a crazy question. What color do you think of when you think of your respiratory attacks?” “Red.” J.L.’s respiratory attacks had started after a crime syndicate bilked him out of a million dollars. His severe attacks, usually requiring hospitalization, continued until the Chinese acupuncturist needled him, also curing his other chronic problem — arthritis. Adano Recycled J.L. of the trauma, although J.L. was unaware of it. J.L. continued asking Adano questions. Due to a photographic memory, J.L. had memorized all his high school classmates’ IQ scores (more than 600 students). He noticed his classmates with IQs over 130 were poor businessmen, making very little money, whereas an IQ of 105 to 125 was optimum for financial prosperity. Had Adano ever noticed this phenomenon? “Yes,” replied Adano. “Because high IQ is a nutritional problem.” Adano mentioned the human body had a front-to-back polarity. J.L. leaned forward in his chair. “You don’t mean an electrical polarity?” “Yes,” affirmed Adano. “And not only that, but it switches polarity every hour.” “That’s nonsense,” scoffed J.L. “I’m an inventor with fifty engineers working for me, I own my own electronics company, I’ve done surveillance for both the phone company and the FBI, and I’m telling you there’s no way that there’s an electrical polarity between the front and the back of the body.” Unperturbed, Adano replied, “Bring your instrumentation.” J.L. supplied specific reasons why such a polarity couldn’t possibly exist. “Bring your instrumentation,” Adano repeated, looking comfortable and self-assured in his recliner chair. J.L. returned with his electronic equipment, and validated Adano’s data — including the hourly polarity shifts. Steve Shiver assisted J.L. with his research. J.L. soon became fascinated with the astrological armlets Adano fashioned. These were constructed of gold, silver, and copper wire, and contained coral and the wearer’s birthstone. Adano insisted the armlets were cathodic bonders producing a negative ionic field that stepped up the body’s voltage by acting as an antenna. J.L. quickly validated the voltage jump. Various other bracelets (including just plain copper ones) and jewelry of different geometries and compositions were tested, but there was no voltage difference whatsoever. (For more info on these armlets, consult Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi, 1946, 1994, Chapter 16, “Outwitting the Stars, ” or my Butterflies Need No Taxidermist, Volumes 1-4, 1989, 1997, 1999, 2007, 2009.)



  3. September 17, 2021 @ 9:30 pm Atom

    There are many causes of cholestasis. Fat with every meal guarantees bile flow when there are no obstructions. Annoyance almost always causes bile retropulsion into the stomach, obviously causing digestive issues and bloating. There are no one-way streets in the digestive tract. You can stick a marble up a Yogi’s butt and he’ll spit it out his mouth.



  4. September 17, 2021 @ 9:32 pm Atom

    Tight corsets and girdles worn during the Victorian Age caused women to die in their twenties and thirties. Sometimes their livers were cut in half” like with scissors. Men are better off not wearing their belts too tight too.



  5. September 17, 2021 @ 9:34 pm Atom

    In the 1910s and 1920s, patients were exposed to up to 300° Fahrenheit for short periods of time under extremely close supervision. It was a sure-fire cure for advanced sepsis, something doctors can’t seem to get a handle on today. (Why very close supervision? At 300° a single drop of perspiration could cause a serious burn.)


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