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By Atom Bergstrom

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My greatest accomplishment was an “accident” (if there really are such things as “accidents”).

I’d been trained as a Bio-Relfex Technician by Adano Ley, Margaret Berry, and Steve Shiver, and a decade later I was doing a session with my friend and client Brad involving Foot Reflexology and Muscle Response Testing.

Foot Reflexology involves five warm-up exercises which also reveal most of the body’s tensions.

I was doing exercise number two, moving both feet in separate Figure Eight patterns.

Brad said, “I met this girl in Germany,” and his right foot noticeably twitched when he said, “girl.”

“What did you say?” I asked even though I had heard him.

“I met this girl in Germany,” he repeated, and his right foot twitched again.

I thought, “Could it really be this EASY?”

It was, And it still IS.


Prior to the 1970s, I was taught that LEFT is female and RIGHT is male, according to Western Psychology, Polarity Therapy, etc.

In the 1970s, I learned that LEFT is male and RIGHT is female, according to Adano Ley, the ancient Vedas, Chinese Face Reading, American Indian Sclerology, etc., but I had nothing but circumstantial evidence (a lot of it) to validate it conclusively.

That session with Brad a decade later changed EVERYTHING.

Now I could run rings around all other Body Language and Muscle Response Testing systems, as well as biofeedback machines.

And I was measuring “peaks,” not “valleys.”


Other techniques measure what’s not there — a muscle has to weaken or “blow out.”

Body Dowsing, as I soon named it, tests a true muscle response, and is capable of monitoring every single word in a “motion picture” configuration.

Muscle Response Testing is limited to one gender (male or female”) at a time, and is photographic, having to test every single word separately.

With Body Dowsing, you just hold someone’s feet while they say something like, “I went to the store with Annie to buy a chocolate bar.”

I might reply, “Your right foot twitched when you said ‘Annie’ and ‘chocolate.’ Any issues with Annie and is chocolate somehow involved?”

Muscle Response Testing has to test every word separately, putting pressure on the muscle (to a greater or lesser degree).

Test “I.” OK. Test “went.” OK. Test “to.” OK. Test “the.” OK. Test “store.” OK. Test “with.” OK. Test “Annie.” The muscle weakens, not indicating gender because Cognitive Trigger Events “metastasize. Test “to.” OK. Test “buy.” OK. Test “a.” OK. Test “chocolate.” The muscle weakens, again, not indicating gender. Test “bar.” OK.

Which is easier? Body Dowsing or Muscle Response Testing?

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  1. May 28, 2019 @ 2:45 pm Atom

    Ingrid (not her real name) went to the hospital with a flu, and started having seizures in the E.R.

    She stayed in the hospital a week having thousands of dollars worth of tests.

    I saw her in between hospital visits, and in five minutes told her she had Tylenol poisoning.

    Ingrid continued having seizures and went back to the hospital for more tests and “expert” opinions.

    Final diagnosis: Reyes syndrome from Tylenol (three Tylenol caplets prescribed and swallowed in the E.R.).

    But what was the Cause of the Cause of the Cause?

    WHO was the Cause of the Cause of the Cause?

    WHO was the matter with Ingrid?

    Her right leg stiffened up like a block of wood when she mentioned her boss’s name — a woman.

    I advised Ingrid to quit her job and move out of town.

    That often has a better outcome than offing your boss.

    Door Number Two has too many side effects associated with being seizure-free.



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