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By Atom Bergstrom

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Re: When you say, “A Body Dowser knows HOW these multiple I’s are created, and WHO they were before they were unconsciously embodied as a co-personality”, will you expound on this on your next blog? Are these multiple I’s possibly areas of a person’s base emotions that are already imbalanced and then “frozen” in the moment they are traumatized into a splinter “I”?

A wrecking ball is more powerful than an impact wrench.

WHAT is the impact wrench.

WHO is the wrecking ball (that comes along and undoes the construction work done by the impact wrench.


Multiple “I”s come from the multiple people we interact with throughout our life (or lives, as the case may be).

Personality is contagious.

Personality derives from persona, or “theatrical mask.”

Internet geeks know that multiple persona can be easily assumed as online identities.

Well, it not only happens in cyberspace. It happens in meat-space too (many times over).


P.D. Ouspensky (The Fourth Way, 1957) wrote …

“If we begin to study ourselves we first of all come up against one word which we use more than any other and that is the word ‘I’. We say, ‘I am doing’, ‘I am sitting’, ‘I feel’, ‘I like’, ‘I dislike’ and so on. This is our chief illusion, for the principal mistake we make about ourselves is that we consider ourselves one, we always speak about ourselves as ‘I’ and we suppose that we refer to the same thing all the time when in reality we are divided into hundreds and hundreds of different ‘I’s.”


Robert B. Oxnam (A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder, 2005) wrote …

“Since I’m the most outspoken in the group, I get the job of ‘narrator,’ but don’t think for a moment that either Bobby or Wanda is powerless. Quite the contrary both are potent personalities, as you will discover. Indeed we agreed that, to portray accurately our inner divided reality, each of the eleven personalities would speak in his or her own voice.”


According to P.D. Ouspensky (1957) …

“If buffers continue to develop, they become fixed ideas, and that is already insanity, or the beginning of insanity.”

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  1. December 18, 2018 @ 2:15 pm Atom

    Diamond Body Lifestyles —> Live to Eat In Order Not to Eat.

    According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

    “The body is a non-decomposing mechanism. This cellular mechanism is designed for total freedom.”



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